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A collection of AR-related videos - March 2014

NAALPO Videos - 2012

Betty Boop ARA video - banned in 1936

A Burning Rage

Video - Respect Animals - Dec 2010

In the Arms of an Angel - 2010

It's My Life - April 2010

AR Tribute - video, 2009

One Rat Short - animated video

1999 ALF video: what has been achieved -

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download the flv file; download as mp4 file - Over 100 videos from around the globe of direct action from the animal liberation movement. No animal cruelty videos.

Torrents -- link to AR media download archive

PETA-TV -- hundreds of video clips on all animal rights subjects


In Defense of Animals - YouTube Videos, from protests to undercover footage:

Why is the biggest solution to global warming ignored?

Guardians of Cats and Dogs -

Reasons not to eat sea dwelling beings


Miscellaneous Videos - You tube

Dan Piraro's Vegan Video

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Newsnight. Debate on Oxford animal lab with Mel Broughton 83.24 MB. 52 minutes. Real Media.

Wiendach. mpg.

SHAC USA Strikeback Campaign

Earthlings -- watch it online
      Earthlings - review

Animal Rights - video -- In this groundbreaking video, the companion to Campaign Against  all Cruelty, activists tell why they do it and how our campaigns are bringing about a revolution that will end all animal abuse.
    Alternate Stream: http://www.all-creatures. org/ha/movieAnimalRights.html

Animal World

Brass Tacks -- Animal Warfare.  [as mpg. (384,000 Kb)].

"If You Knew" 2 mb.rmvb (real media). Sept 2005. New 30-second Commercial by COK (Compassion Over Killing) to be viewed on MTV.

Press Red - True Spies Animal Rights. Documentary of the fight for animal rights in England. Covers the viewpoints of police, Kieth Mann, Barry Horne, and Robin Webb. (5071 kb). No sound. Two ALF members and 17 liberated white rabbits. Sweden, 2005-07-22.

duck_liberation . Rock music background. Ducks liberated and turned loose during UK duck farm liberation, 27 May 2005.

HKY_med -- 12 minute film about farming from the Humane Farming Association

Rosebud_med -- another 12 minute film about farming from the Humane Farming Association

Fate Of A Shelter Dog -- simple, powerful

Animal Rights video fragments (copy of

Cartoon--No Veal from Farm Sanctuary Thanks, Rina

Meet Your Meat -- 28 Mb

3mb .mov movie -- parents talking to children about how animals get to their plate

Free Me -- General animal rights presentation, music by Goldfinger
        Another, entirely different version:  Free Me

Change Your Mind -- flash movie about the folly of animal testing

About About ALF (48 MB .avi);    alfmov320240_2.flv

Los Fastidios - Animal Liberation

20 Years of Terror -- 20 years of terror - one year of struggle. Swedish activist Campaign film against chinchilla farming

Facing South

Angels of Mercy

Meatrix -- flash presentation


Winners of Genesis Awards

Spin City - Michael J. Fox takes a live deer home. 2:18

Sports Night -- Sports reporter has to cover hunting and learns how cruel it is. Great monlogue. 2:43

Montel Williams -- 6.8 mb .wmv.  Reasons for showing animal cruelty 1:18

The Practice -- Defending a Chimpanzee in court. 2:56

AR Conference Speakers

Howard Lyman 1 -- Realizes what he had been doing as cattle rancher. 1:28.

Howard Lyman 2 -- On Oprah show discussing mad cow disease. 0:58

Howard Lyman 3 -- Discusses Mad Cow Disease. 3:38.

Howard Lyman 4 -- On true cost of unsubsidized beef. 0:24.

Jeffrey Mason -- Factory Farms today. 1:51.

Gene Bauston -- Cruelty of Factory Farming. 0:52.

Howard Lyman (on health) -- 1:32.

Doctor -- The benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet. 0:41.

Waging Effective Campaigns.mp3

Undercover Videos

Unnecessary Fuss 1 PA Head Trauma Clinic. Tests on Britches.
        Unnec. Fuss 2 ; Unnec. Fuss 3 ; Unnec. Fuss 4 ; Unnec. Fuss 5

Silent Spring . Tests on Monkeys at IBR. 4:40.

Breaking Free -- Breaking Free Video Magazine. 2:31 of direct action footage from about 1999.

Goose Pate.


ALF 3 Movie -- "Adventure is better than caution" - in the 3rd ALF movie.

Animal Lib 2 -- link to html page with description and link to Animal Liberation 2, 175mb .avi

ALF 1 --  UK production. 0:57.   ALF 2ALF 3 .   ALF 4 .   ALF 5

About About ALF (48 mb .avi)

Britches.wmv (68 mb)    Britches .flv format (48 mb)

UnCaged. (5 mb .wmv) Trailer for not-yet-released movie

BBC Live discussion 2005 (21 mb .mp3)

SHAC Campaign



Canned Hunt -- Animal Planet short discussion on canned hunts. 19 seconds.

Turtles -- 11.5 mb .wmv. Comedy. Turtles on the lam. 2:19.


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