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Animal Liberation 2 - The Sequel to The Movie.

24 mins
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Animal Liberation - The Movement

This video has been produced by various individuals to complement the original 'Movie' and show how animal liberation has developed 'Into The 90s'. Every year billions of animal are tortured and killed in Laboratories, imprisoned in factory farms and brutally slaughtered in abattoirs, killed for sadistic pleasure by hunters, shooters and anglers, etc. So many people are prepared to go beyond the law. Nearly 200 people have been imprisoned since the 80s. Direct action has saved many thousands of animals lives from death by exposing hidden suffering to the public, vital experimental data and liberating animals. The ALF have closed down many vivisection laboratories and other abuse establishments. This video is dedicated to those brave people who have given their lives and freedom in the name of animal liberation. As long as animals continue to suffer, the number of people prepared to break the law will continue to grow.

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