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Most of the humor is about animals
Some is only to make stressed-out animal activists smile


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Satiric "non-profit" promoting shower saving for beef eating for CA drought - 2015

Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Healthy Staff Members To Make Space for New Employees (satire)

Management Plan for Humans (Homo sapiens) in British Columbia

A Bit of Animal Trivia

People Buying Fresh Meat

(satire) ARAs release pantomime horse into wild

Penguins - Listen to Your Heart

Ask Your Doctor About Meat

From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss

Dance of Wolves

Porcupine Thinks He's a Puppy

Satire: Omaha School Field Trip Tour of Slaughterhouse Traumatizes Children

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift

Lola Lollipop by Lara Matthews - AR cartoons

Ho Lee Schitt - Dog For Sale

Moon-walking Bird


How Science Really Works

Frostie - Shake Your Tail Feather - parrot dancing

Snowball - Another One Bites the Dust - parrot dancing

Seasons To Eternity - video

Letter to Animal Companions

What's Your FURociousness Quotient?

The Dream King or Why My Husband Will Pass on the Christmas Ham

Online Games

Churches Debate Heaven for Dogs - humorous

Excessive Celebration - Sports

Noah's Submarine - video

Childhood Dreams - Professor's final lecture on life. Inspiring.

Into The Mystic - The strange world of the sea like you maybe never seen before on the 70's classic of Van Morrison 'Into the mystic''

Parrot Jokes -- parrot and bird jokes

Funny Animal Video -- collage

Funny Bird Photos, Nandy Conure photos

Humorous GIFs -- penguins, giraff, juggler

Computer Monitor Cleaner -- .pps file (557 mb)

Angry button -- a button that does not want to be pushed...

Animal Stories -- link to animal stories index

Animal Poems -- link to animal poetry index

Animal rights / Vegan Body Art -- tattoos from around the world

Test your AR knowledge

Crossword and Crossword 2 -- Crosswords, interactive online

Veggie Quiz

AR Quiz

AR Word Jumble

Interesting AR Facts

Animal Facts

ALF video game -- ALF-like video game in Britain upsets RSPCA and vivisectors

Caption Challenge


Speeding ticket Fail

Jimmy Kimmel: "The government" does not "want us to call it the swine flu. They're calling it the 2009 H1N1 virus. The reason for the change is they want people to know you can still eat all the pork you want without any risk to your health, except diabetes, obesity and heart disease."

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