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Veggie Talk Frog in H2O Heart Attack Fishing Fair Sausage Factory Guardian Alien Fishing
  Rat's Hope USDA Seal Hunt Lions and Dinner Dog Hairs AR meeting
  Covance campaign AR toons hypocrisy Fishing Fur Parrot Food Birth Defect
  Rats Revenge Food Terror Alligator Mating Life Clucks Parrot Mirror Mutts Credo
  Primate Declaration McLibel Seal Hunt 2 Party Bucket Dogs Help Who, Us?
    Mad Lottery   Tunnel of Horror Mary Kay Terrorism
    Mostly Meat   Where R Chicks Loreal Spoof  
    Certifiable   Mad Cows Against Wall  
    Milk Spoof   Fur - KKat 1 Bold Cat  
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    Thanksgiving   Fur - KKat 3 Dog Prayer  
    Not Chicken   Fur - KKat 4 Express Yourself  
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