“We must be the change we wish to see.” Gandhi
“In the dictionary of Satyagraha [soul force], there is no enemy.” Gandhi

1) All protests must adhere to the norm of nonviolence. We must always conduct ourselves on a higher moral plane than those we oppose and never lose the moral high ground through violence of any kind.

2) Nonviolence includes abstaining from aggression in one’s physical, psychological, and verbal behavior; thus all members of protests must never:

* Engage in fighting with anyone even if attacked
* Speak or shout obscenities or give the finger to anyone who acts in such ways to us
* Ridicule those who oppose us when we converse or argue with them (civil and rational arguments are good)
* Disobey an order or request from the police unless civil disobedience is a planned tactic; even then; we must always be respectful to all police officers
* Let their emotions get the better of their reason and calm demeanor