Links to Animal Rights Organizations

No Kill -- List of No-Kill Shelters in United States, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and Columbia.
UK Animal Contacts -- List of UK Animal Contracts.

Homeless Shelters that allow pets or provide for pets - USA

Vets Beyond Borders

Visit to

The Difference MickaCoo Makes - Pigeon and Dove Rescue - Bound Angels provides a service to shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations that no one else does. The have proven, logical solutions and life saving tools that save the lives of shelter pets. These programs are available free of charge to shelters and humane organizations throughout the US. Their programs range from online training, books, educational and dissemination campaigns as well as hands-on canine behavior training and temperament testing. All of their programs have been tested and proven successful in large city shelter systems as well as small humane societies.

March of Dimes Walkathon - April 2015

Help Fund A Retirement Home For Research Chimps - Sept 2014

WWF does, or should I say doesn't, do it again - Feb 2014

Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary Emergency Appeal - February 2014

Humane Society Promotes Inhumane Animal Torture - January 2014

Leilani Farm Sanctuary's new 6-minute video - November 2012

Animal Advocates

Sentient, the veterinary institute for animal ethics - July 2012

AR Group Known For Protests Now Under Scrutiny - March 2012

Luvabulls - Dec. 2011. This rescue liberates and educates against chaining dogs and also advocates for veg*ism and encourages people to stand up and speak out for all animals. Their focus is liberating chained pit bulls in Ohio but they've traveled far and wide to help other species and other breeds of dogs.

Voice of the Voiceless is now Animal Liberation Frontline- November 2011

New Animal Advocacy Group in Texas - Oct 2011

Blue Skies Animal Sanctuary - A place for retired laboratory animals


Matt Ellerbeck - Snake Man
Snake Advocate & Conservationist

All - valuable resource

UPC Winter 2010 Poultry Press

Rescue Ink - October 2010

StARS, Stray Animal Rights Society, now online

Paola Ghidotti's new web site: Angry Animals Conservation Society

advancedadvocacy.htm -

The True Face Of The WWF: Money and Royals, Sports Killing and Old Forest Sales - April 2012

WWF and allegations of corruption - 8/11

Best Friends Tells Rescuers to Shut Up - 11/10

Citizen Group Aims to Protect Animal Rights - 11/10

BARC - Houston Through the Looking Glass - 11/10

Under the Knife: the Club for AR Education - 11/10

US Wildlife Services Kills Millions of Animals - 10/10
    Wildlife Services Dodges Disclosure on Animal Killing

Alabaster group fighting for animal rights - 9/10

Harley-Riding Lawyer Part of Biker Group That Helps Abused Pets - 9/10

Albany AR Blog by Pat Battuello: - June 2010 - May 2010

The Cats Eye Project - April 2010

Feeding the Pets of the Homeless - March 2010

New Activist Website - Take 5, Save 5 - Jan 2010

PCRM - Elizabeth Kucinich - November 2009

Cruelty Free New Jersey - December 2009

Rolling Dog Ranch - December 2009

Second Chance Shelter

One Life Rescue News - October 2009

The Truth About WWF - July 2009

Rescue Ink Takes Fight Against Abuse to a New Level - June 2009 - If AR Orgs wish to use yawningdog as a conduit site, please feel free.

Not AR: -- Website dedicated to protecting children from pedophiles. How Animal Liberation Will Benefit Human Rights  with a members, pantry distributors, plus there are vet services available in all the boroughs, in every State! - Paws 4 Progress Canine Rescue, updated April 2009

Launch of T. Colin Campbell Foundation Website - January 2009

For the Animals Sanctuary - A non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and life-long care of victims of the food farming trade. - Campaigns Against The Cruelty To Animals - new AR web site, Nov 08

New Animal Rescue Website, November 2008

Video About Rescue Ink:

Bede Carmody offers a sanctuary to injured or abandoned chickens, ducks and geese. View video here:

AR group in BC, Canada:

Animal Place, a Sanctuary for Farmed Animals - Liberation of Brother & Sister Animals Independent_Animal_Rescuers_Welcome_You_.html

"Animal" Organizations that are Actually Pro-Hunting

People for Pigeons

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary: Our mission at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is to provide a safe, loving and permanent home for rescued farmed animals - not accepted at most shelters. In addition to providing life-long care for the animals, we are dedicated to promoting the vegan lifestyle as the most effective way to reduce the suffering and exploitation of animals. Most of the residents of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary were once victims of the meat, dairy, and egg, industry. They are the lucky ones. Billions more animals never get to know freedom, love, and security. Each animal at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary has their own sad story of abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment. At the sanctuary, they require and receive varying degrees of medical attention, social interaction, and most importantly, tender loving care.

The 100th Monkey - From Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary on MySpace

EVANA - has compiled the latest information about the dire consequences of meat consumption

Farm Sanctuary - New York Animal Cruelty Hotline

WAGNY: an international political lobby and advocacy force reaching the world

Almost Home Rescue - Dachshund Rescue Society

Animal Hubbub

Cruelty Free - New web site. You can post pics, events, and talk to some great activists

Critter Camp  - An exotic pet rescue/shelter/ sanctuary in northern Illinois. Critter Camp is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization. They take in all kinds of small exotic pets that have been confiscated, abandoned, abused, and neglected.

Feb. 2007: A new paper has been added to the studies on flawed research using chimpanzees in labs. There are excellent talking points here. 

Animal Consultants International: facilitating effective campaigns

Campaigns Against The Cruelty To Animals (CATCA) - Vancouver, Canada. They create public awareness about animal cruelty and how to stop it. Their major campaigns are against the seal hunt, whaling, fur, animal testing, bullfighting, farm industry, blood fiestas, hunt, zoos and aquariums, circuses, education, veg*nism, etc. They have been creating and promoting local, national and international campaigns for 20 years. They are a non-profit organization. P.O. BOX 16021, 617 Belmont Street, New Westminster BC V3M-6W6. e-mail: [email protected]

Club SAGA : Animal Advocacy Website for Teens: SAGA (Student's Animal Guardian Alliance) is a website that assists high school students and clubs in their efforts to promote a more animal-friendly society.

Food Not Bombs: Defined

COK's 2006 Year-in-Review Video

On Charitable Organizations - Maneka Gandhi from India -- how farm animals are raised/killed in California.

this site was created and paid for by rhoda maiolo:  Dog meat trade
eMail: [email protected]

WSPA accused of ignoring dog massacre in Belgrade - October 2006


http://www.sealaler Site for seals, by Paola Training activists to win strong state and local animal protection laws through political action. "A lawmaker's primary concern is to be re-elected. Base your lobbying strategy on this simple reality, and you can win animal protection laws that are now only fantasies."  Julie Lewin, NIFAA President & Trainer.

Act4Anim -- Action Volunteer for Animals. In Chicago. A tribute to a great activist.
     Action 4 Animals -- page 2   Action 4 Animals -- page 3.
Bite Back -- Feb 2006. on trial with SHAC. -- Feb 2006. AR activist disputes newspaper's description.
Precious Life Animal Sanctuary celebrates opening - Sept 2006.
Anti-fur Society -- Jan. 2006. New web site.
Wildlife Offenders -- A new resource, to make people aware of animal abuse.
AR Resources -- List of AR Resources. Many from Herb Web.
AR and Veg*n Links! -- Various and Sundry useful AR Reference links.
PETA - About their campaigns
KFC cruelty -- Open Rescue KFC Protests, Australia.
Humane Orgs -- Websites of organizations that work with animals.
Links 2 -- About a hundred links, categorized.
Links 3 -- Links on animal liberation, anarchism, punk rock, straight edge, hardcore.
Wildlife Organizations -- Their positions on Hunting.
UK Links -- AR links in the United Kingdom, includes ecology and anti-war links.
Personal Webs -- Some personal web sites that support animal rights.
Commercial Sites -- Links to commercial sites of interest to AR/Veg*ns.
Transportation -- Transporting a pet? Here is a list of transportation orgs.
AAF - China Bear Rescue -- Friends of Animals Asia -- Bear Rescue.
Kitty Liberation Front -- In Bakersfield California
Best Friends -- The History of the Best Friends Animal Society.
Guardians -- A pamphlet from "Guardians for Animals", a non-profit organization.
     Guardians P2  Guardians P3
Anti-AR Sitelist -- Organizations against animal rights.
NAIA -- Who's Who Behind the Unholy Alliance? by Lisa G. Leming
Conservative_AR - in UK.
Lab Neighbors -- Next Door to a Primate Testing Lab.
What a Waste of Funds -- World Wildlife Foundation.

Website selling compassionate t-shirts: www.NOKILL.US


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