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Voice of the Voiceless is now Animal Liberation Frontline

9 November, 2011

Voice of the Voiceless is now Animal Liberation Frontline
New URL and website now live: Animal Liberation

Voice of the Voiceless was given a much needed overhaul, and has relaunched as "Animal Liberation Frontline".

I started Voice of the Voiceless in mid-2009 as an afterthought to satisfy what I felt was an unfilled niche: detailed stories on the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) / related activity, above and beyond just reporting on ALF actions. While Bite Back and the Animal Liberation Press Office covered reporting the actions perfectly, there was a lot of related news that never received an audience. When a raided fur farm was reported as closing, there was nowhere to read of it. When the nation's sole Slim Jim factory mysteriously exploded, it escaped the attention of the animal rights movement entirely. These were the stories this site was created for.

As the audience for Voice of the Voiceless increased, it quickly outgrew its name and design. The original URL ( was chosen in haste, after the name of my favorite 90s straight edge Hardcore compilation (released on Smorgasbord Records in 1991). It presented a lot of confusion and was difficult to remember accurately the first time (Voices of the Voiceless? Voice for the Voiceless?). Not to mention hurting the site in search engine rankings, with a URL that didn't make clear to Google (or anyone) what the content was about. The new SEO-friendly URL leaves no ambiguity.

In the coming weeks, I'll be rolling out a stand-alone Warcry Communications website, where all 5 Warcry books will be available for purchase, as well as other projects worth supporting, like Bold Native, prisoner support merch, and more.

Send any feedback or suggestions to the new email: [email protected].
- Peter Young

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