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Your Help Is Needed Now...

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

I urgently wrote to you last week about the work being done to save the dogs at the Buriram and Khemmarat holding facilities.

The treatment of these dogs is going according to plan and overall conditions have improved. Dogs from the Buriram facility were transferred to a shelter in Kanchanaburi where volunteers report they are in very bad condition. Soi Dog will work with the groups there to provide assistance.

Soi Dog is working closely with the head of the Khemmarat shelter, Khun Surasak to improve facilities and care for these and even more dogs that will soon be arriving. Air borne disease is a real risk. Dogs with distemper are housed very close to mothers with puppies. Improvements to the Khemmarat shelter are still in progress and the dogs are being cared for, vaccinated and sterilized.

Breaking news

We now face an even greater challenge to save the lives of over 1,200 plus dogs rescued from the smugglers. This picture underscores for me why the dog meat trade must be stopped. While thousands of homeless dogs fall victims each month, the smugglers do not stop there. Do you see the collar? This dog was obviously someone's pet. Do you see the condition of this poor dog after just a short period after falling into the smugglers hands? Can you imagine for a moment how you would feel if this was your beloved companion?

Over 1,200 dogs have been intercepted in 2 separate raids since I last wrote to you. Thai coalition forces comprising the Royal Thai Police, the Royal Thai Navy Border Patrol with support from members of Animal Activists Alliance Thailand have arrested international dog meat smugglers in the Ban Phang District of Nakorn Phanom Province.

On Saturday alone a convoy with around 800 dogs was intercepted late at night. The dogs had been kept in the jungle for several days without food and water and are very weak.

The only viable option was to transport these dogs to the shelter facilities in Nakhom Phanom. However the Governor of Nakhom Phanom when contacted stated that the funds were not available to care for and feed these dogs. Soi Dog Foundation has committed to cover the immediate costs. BUT – This cannot happen without your immediate support!

Soi Dog and Animal Activists Alliance, Thailand are supplying vets and other staff as well as 12 tons of food. In addition all 1,200 plus dogs require urgent vaccinating. A course of 3 vaccines for each dog will cost over 360,000 Thai baht alone! Without vaccinating there is a grave danger of them being wiped out by distemper and parvo as has happened with other dogs rescued from the smugglers.

The lives of these dogs are at immediate risk, unless these dogs are vaccinated soon disease epidemics will break out and most will perish. Your help is needed now!

The ongoing cost of caring for the dogs will be over 500,000 baht per month.

Thanks to efforts of Animal Activists Alliance, Thailand enormous progress is being made. The value of these dogs alone in Vietnam is well over 3 million baht. The smugglers are losing a lot of money but we need to raise a lot to be able to help these dogs and others who may well join them in coming weeks.

We can save the rescued dogs and stop the dog meat trade altogether, but only with your support. The sheer numbers of dogs that are going to need somewhere to go will bring matters to a head very soon thereby prompting the Government to take action to stop the trade at its source.

This is the moment for you to take action!By joining the Trade of Shame campaign today you can end the dog meat trade! In order to meet the ongoing costs 500 or more people are needed to join us as members of the Trade of Shame. Will you be one of them? Your monthly donation of $15, $25, $35 or a most generous $45 is needed today.

Only with your help can dogs like the one below be saved. Please take a moment to watch this short video and join us in ending the inhumane Trade of Shame!


John Dalley

P.S. This suffering is happening to innocent dogs right now. There is a lot to do, and we cannot do it overnight, but we will do everything we can. It is only with your generosity that we can, so please join the Trade of Shame campaign today.

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Dear Friends,

Following two amazing raids on dog traders in Thailand, our colleagues at Soi Dog have been overwhelmed with 1200 dogs needing medical treatment, care and homing. We have copied an extract below from their web page at - if any of you can afford them some help, we know that they would appreciate it. They are really struggling and the costs involved are enormous if these lives are to be saved. Please send any donations direct to them through their web site at I can personally vouch for the integrity of these dedicated people.

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