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    DON’T BURN OUT. If you have a hard campaign, mix it up with “easy” events: free food on campus, tabling, speakers.

    Use mainstream “volunteer” events to promote your issue (like a campus open house). Not many activist groups do this, and it sucks. You never know who you may draw into the movement.

    Keep people motivated and involved. Assign tasks, no matter how small, to get people involved. But expect to do the bulk of the work yourself.

    Think about outreach opportunities: freshman orientation, coalition building, and joint campaigns.

    Show that you tried to work within the system. When that doesn’t work, be prepared to escalate.

    Pester the hell out of people. Operating as a collective doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader.

    ALWAYS THINK ABOUT THE BIG PICTURE. Fighting to end a UT military contract or get better pay for staff is part of a larger picture: taking control of our education.