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This is not a “how-to” guide. There is no step-by-step manual for social change. Likewise, there is no step-by-step manual for becoming an “activist.”

We did not create this primer because we are more knowledgeable, more experienced or more credible than any other collective. We do not aim to indoctrinate anyone with our strategies, or lead anyone in our campaigns. No one can tell you how to live, how to fight, how to resist. This has to be done on your own.

But that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t pass on what we have learned. We created this guide because we have dealt with four years of bureaucracy at this corporation, this educational factory. It seemed like by the time we got our bearings, and figured out how to operate in this massive bureaucratic machine we call a university, we were graduating.

This guide is to let you stand on our shoulders, and see farther than we possibly could. You may be an excellent public speaker, but don’t know how to organize a demo. You may have participated in a civil disobedience, but don’t know how to get school funding. You may be skilled in starting fires with electrical timers (kidding), but not know how to wheatpaste. Or you may be new to absolutely everything, in which case, thank you.

The administration puts up barriers to keep us from gaining power and the only way to destroy those barriers is to help the next wave of revolutionaries coming into the 40 Acres. So take this primer with the understanding that you now have an obligation to add to it, improve it, scam copies of it, and pass it on.

Fuck the tower. STUDENT POWER.

~Student Liberation Front