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When you graduate, make sure your organization can go on without you. Pass on information about the organization, its membership, and its activities on to your successors.

Pass on a notebook (such as this one!) that includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, notes on events, programming ideas, a copy of your budget (if you have one), samples of publicity, and any other helpful information. Always leave a list of your contacts (local business, national organizations, etc.) so your successors can keep up a rapport and continue to benefit from their services. You should even introduce your successors to your local contacts and let all your contacts know you are graduating. Leave behind information so others can access your mailing list, website (so they can update or change it), your mail box, and bank account. Here at UT, when you change group representation, you have to fill out forms with the new members’ names on them (available at CCI in SSB 4th floor) so your successors can have access to all your “business” on campus.

Make recommendations- write down successes, problems, and what you would do differently.

So you’re done with school, but you can still have an influence as an alumnus. Expect to receive solicitations from your alma mater’s alumni office-alumni contributions are big business. Write to the university’s alumni officials and let them know that you won’t be giving money to the school as long as they continue to support irresponsible causes (such as animal experimentation or corporate sponsorship). You can get this point across every time you’re contacted for contributions.

Most schools send out alumni magazines updating you on what’s happening on campus. Watch for articles that strike a chord, and send a letter to the editor if you see any.

Last but not least, keep up with what’s going on with your old group. You never know when they could use your help!