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(KE) ARAs angered by Tanzania group demanding monkey meat for census

NAIROBI: African animal rights activists have called on the Tanzania government to not give in to demands to deliver monkey meat to the Hadza ethnic community in the northern part of the country as a pre-condition to their taking part in a national census to begin on Sunday.

According to local news reports, the Hadza live in areas around the Lake Eyasi basin in the Arusha region and have demanded monkey meat and "gongo," an illegal brewed beverage, as the conditions for their allowing government officials to count their small community.

The Tanzanian government reports that there are around 5,000 Hadza living in the country, but that is based on a 1975 census.

"I think this is really a situation that the government of Tanzania needs to step in and say no way, because by giving in to the slaughter of monkeys in order to have people in the country counted would set a poor precedent across Africa," said Nairobi-based animal rights activist John Mmbati, who told that the government should not need to �give in to conditions� as the Hadza are part of the country.

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