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Animal Rights Activist Brochure (pdf file)

Vegan Chef required for Restaurant in Hillcrest, KZN - Jan 2015

Meet Squiggle, the Rescued Baby Mongoose

May 2013 - Karen Paolillo at Turgwe Hippo Trust is raising this young mongoose orphan. Karen is such a fine nanny to the wild things here in Zimbabwe and probably one of the few women in the world to have pet a wild wart hog or to touch a baby baboon in his mother's arms.

While life with Squiggle involves taking her for short walks in the bush and meeting all her needs for food and companionship, the needs of the animals on a wider scale are daunting. With periods of very little rainfall, grasses are not expected to hold out in June and July and this means that supplemental food will need to be brought in on massive trucks again to feed the animals. The Harmony Fund is already helping to meet some of the monthly costs here to sustain the trust and keep their anti-poaching wardens on patrol, but now we're also gearing up for this coming challenge that will determine the very survival of hippos, baboons, elephants and other forms of wildlife. Stay tuned for more details in our next newsletter.

Fighting to Stop Namibia's Seal Slaughter - August 2014

Botswana to Ban "Canned Hunting" - March 2014

Horrific Monkey Abuse Exposed - Feb 2014

Investigation uncovers the cruel capture and captivity of wild baboons for experiments in Kenya - November 2013

(ZA) Animal rights organisati​on targets pet shop trade - August 2013

ARAs Come Out In Anger Over The Boniface Mwangi Protest: Occupy Parliament - May 2013

(S. Africa) Animal Rights Group Takes on Mpumalanga Mine - April 2013

The Battle for the Elephants - March 2013

South Africa Rhino Flash Mob - Jan 2013

Beauty Without Cruelty in South Africa - Jan 2013

Zambia bans hunting of endangered lions, leopards - January 2013

Botswana Kills Trophy Hunting - December 2012

Clinton Says US to Increase Anti-Poaching Efforts in Kenya - Nov. 2012

(S. Africa) Store Says Sorry for Selling Foie Gras - October 2012

Botswana to outlaw 2014 - October 2012

US-Funded Armies Slaughtering Record Number of Elephants - September 2012

Namibia: Angolan Dog Rescue Saves 15 - August2012

(KE) ARAs angered by Tanzania group demanding monkey meat for census - August 2012

Animal Activists Storm Circus - July 2012

Namibia: Anti-Seal Campaign Worries Government - July 2012

South Africa Wildlife Sanctuary - June 2012

Rhino poaching: to legalise or not? - March 2012

Namibia: Ombudsman to Host Seal Meeting - Sept 2011

Zimbabwe Expert: The Truth About Killing 'Problem' Elephants - April 2011

Good News for Pigs in South Africa - Jan 2011

Canned Hunting in South Africa - Jan 2010

Gorilla Rehabilitation in the Congo - Dec 2010

Animal Rights Concerns in South Africa Continue Long After the FIFA World Cup - November 2010

December 2009 - Animal Rights Africa takes urgent legal action to prevent heartbreaking bull killing ritual where 20 to 40 young men push the bull onto the ground, stab its eyes, yank out its tongue, twist its genitals and then beat it to death. ANIANIMAL RIGHTS AFRICA GOES TO HIGH COURT OVER UKWESHWAMA RITUAL

African Pet Foundation - March 2010

Mailing List of SealAlertSA. net:  http://www.sealaler

South Africa Animal Organizations Unite - August 2009

Europeans convicted for filming Namibian seal hunt - July 2009

Activist AnitaActivist Adele - 2009

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Nambia Seal Video 
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South Africa's Shame: Secret Animal Experimentation - April 2009

AR Africa Press Release - February 2009

ARAs Protest Ivory Trade with China - July 2008

Animal Rights Africa - June 2008

Francois Hugo - May 2008 - July 2007, Seal Protest Video
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Tradition is No Excuse for Cruelty - January 2007

First Baby Seal of 2007 - Help, Exhausted! - November 2006

Namibia Secretary Falsifies Seal Population - October 2006

Seal Alert - August 2006

Namibian Seal Cull -- July 2006

South African Seals -- Understanding the Seal Debate
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