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Good Day,

Trust you would not mind me sending this email as passion for wildlife and in particular the smallest antelope in Southern Africa, the little Blue Duiker is the driving force.

I'm trying to get International support or some Actors who would like to help the wildlife centre focusing on rescue and rear orphaned indigenous wildlife with particular concern for the blue duiker. The adult weigh about 3.5 kg and the just born 450grams. They get hunted by illegal dog hunt (ripped apart), caught in wire snares, stuck in fences, destruction of their limited habitation (coastal bush) and all this is having a great impact. It also effect the rest of indigenous wildlife in the area.

I can send photo's and official request for help (indicating budget & projects) to any one who is interested to help. We have been operating for 10 years and need support to keep functioning and improve. Registered non-profit and NPO.

Please be so kind help forwarding this message or advise on possible options.


Ina de Koker


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