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Namibia Seals - Protest

Namibia, Namibia, you can't hide; stop the seal pup genocide!"

These were the words chanted by protesters, outside the Namibian High Commission in central London's Chandos Street, on Wednesday 19th July, in protest against Namibia's slaughter of Cape Fur Seals.

A delegation of protesters requested to see a representative of the High Commission, and were met by the Acting High Commissioner. A spokesperson asked the Commissioner why Namibia continues to slaughter Cape Fur Seals and asked for an immediate stop to this slaughter. The Commissioner, although polite, responded with: "No comment" to all requests for a response. However, she did accept a letter from Save The Seals (UK) and assured us it would be forwarded to: "the highest! level" in Namibia.

A banner was erected in front of the High Commission's three-storey building and protesters held eye-catching placards, depicting scenes from Namibia's horrific seal slaughter. Although temperatures neared 36 degrees, protesters continued chanting and gave over 700 leaflets to passing members of the public.

A megaphone continuously reinforced the message that Namibia is being ever more exposed as a killer of nursing seal pups. The majority of people passing the protest were very supportive. However, it is a shame that three local workers (including one man from a firm of solicitors and an alleged surgeon!), found it necessary to swear at protesters! At one point, water was thrown from the top window of the Commission's building, onto protesters.

Still, it was a very hot day and this did not deter anyone! The Commission refused to open their door, when a representative decided to confront them about this: brave enough to support the slaughter of seals, but not brave enough to face protesters! Other protests and campaigning activities will follow.

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