Animal Protection
The History of the Animal Liberation Front

AR Concept -- Our next moral challenge, by Richard Nilsen.
ALF Summary -- Animal Lib. -- By 'Whatever Means Necessary'  by R. Webb.
Animal Rights Quotes-Library | Timeline of Animal Rights History
Bombing And Arson Attacks By Environmental And Animal Rights Extremists _May 2013.pdf
List of Fur Farms Raided by the ALF and Subsequently Closed - Sept 2013
Reported to Biteback 2011
Reported to Biteback 2010
Reported to Biteback 2009
Reported to Biteback 2008
Reported to Biteback 2007
Reported to Biteback 2006
Reported to Biteback 2005
Reported to Biteback 2004
Reported to Biteback 2003
Reported to Biteback, 2002
Reported to NAALPO 2010
ALF News Article Collection, 1984-1994
May 1984 Raid on the University of PA Head Injury Lab
Recent History of Direct Actions in Britain - August 2014
ALF Claims Increasing Number of Fur Farm Raids - October 2013
Eight facts about terrorism in the United States - April 2013
All ALF Fur Farm Raids - as of December 2012
ALF documentary short & news coverage of Oregon bird liberation - September 2012
Remembering a Tucson Radical - July 2012
A.L.F. Diary of Actions book released - May 2010
Categorizing the ALF/ELF members - May 2007
Direct Actions Reported to Biteback - 2003-2007
Direct Action Trends - compiled in April 2007
ALF 2006 Actions - video
Animal Rights - video -- In this groundbreaking video, the companion to Campaign Against  all Cruelty, activists tell why they do it and how our campaigns are bringing about a revolution that will end all animal abuse.
AR Progress -- Overall Progress of the Animal Rights Movement.
The ALF and the miners' strike -- Anarcho-punk, the ALF and the miners' strike - a cautionary tale from the 1980s
Revolutionary Cells
Rod C Statement -- 2005. Rod Coronado on the Animal Liberation Movement.
Domination History -- PETA Project -- World History of Callous Domination.
30 Years of Action -- Thirty Years of Direct Action,  by Noel Molland.
AR took on world -- How animal rights took on the world, by Simon Cox.
Liberation Movement -- The Animal Liberation Movement: Its Philosophy, its Achievements, and its Future, by Peter Singer, 1985.
A. Lib at 30 -- Animal Liberation at 30, by Peter Singer.
Negotiating Human Rights -- Oct 2004. By Dr. Kate Rawls.
AR Overview -- Animal Rights ' An Overview. Spring 2005.
Barry Horne -- Animal Liberationist who died on hunger strike.
New Approach -- A New Approach to Animal Liberation, by Marc Romanoff.
Face of AR -- The Face of Animal Rights, by Steve Ann Chambers.
Postcards -- Historical ALF Postcards.
State of AR -- State of the Animal Rights Movement, by Kim W. Stallwood.
From CALA -- Comments: The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs about direction of movement.
Evolution AR -- Evolution of the Animal Rights Movement, by Kim Stallwood.
Threat? -- Animal activists still a top threat, by Jerry Spangler.
ALF tactics -- Chicago Tribune's description of ALF tactics.
AR Timeline -- History of Animal Rights prepared by Medici, Prusan-Goldstein, Romanelli, J., Caparino
AR UK Timeline -- Timeline of milestones in Animal Rights in the UK.
ALF_Wiki -- History of ALF according to the Wikipedia, March 2006.
AW Timeline -- Timeline starting in 1960s.
ALF History -- Compiled by the Center of Animal Liberation Affairs.
ALF - Ronnie Lee - History of origins of the Band of Mercy and the ALF.
Totals -- Various unverified summaries of ALF activity from 1979 - 2004.
Fur farms -- Fur Farm Raids, 1995-2003 .
Mink Stats 2004 -- Mink pelt production in the United States in 2004.
Going Mainstream -- More documentation animal rights is going mainstream.
Xmas Song -- ALF's "Twelve Months of Terror" Christmas song.
S.A.N.E. 12 days -- Movie version of ALF's Xmas song.
Report on ALF -- Costs run to millions as researchers cope with arson, bombs, and animal releases.
Russian ALF -- The history of the Russian Animal Liberation Front.
Fighters 4 AR -- French news. Militant Protesters’ ‘reign of terror’. Fighters for animal rights, b y Cedric Gouverneur.
Sinking Whalers -- Sinking the Icelandic Whaling Fleet in 1986 .
Case History -- How One Raid by the ALF at the University of Iowa Made a Difference, from CALA.
Against odds -- Adobe .pdf file. Against All Odds. ALF 1982-1996.
Animal Advocacy -- History .
Website -- History of this website.
Vivisection Protests in London in 1903-1910. Brown Dog affair

Trailer -- Animal Liberation, History in the Making 

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