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The Sunday, February 16, Chicago Tribune carried an interesting story about ALF tactics and dissent in our movement with regard to them. The story, by Jon Yates, is headed "2 strategies, same goal in activism for animals." It appeared on the front of the Metro section.

Robin Webb, British spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front is quoted, "It is an all-out bloody war in which all of the victims have been on one side so far."

Yates writes, "Webb likens ALF's fight to protect animals to the abolitionists' fight to end slavery. The FBI calls ALF a domestic terrorist group, and many animal welfare groups agree."

Wayne Pacelle, senior vice president of the Humane Society of the United States is quoted: "There's sympathy for the motive but increasing antipathy for the means. It's clearly counterproductive. We believe you lose your moral authority when you resort to vandalism, threats of violence and other
means of illegal conduct."

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This article presents a great opportunity for letters to the editor focusing in the need for animal liberation, regardless of the tactics. The Chicago Tribune takes letters at:  Link:

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Yours and the animals',
Karen Dawn

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