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Animal Liberation totals for 2001

Here are some totals for the year of 2001 from actions on the frontlines for animal liberation. Please remember this list is far from complete; it simply represents the crude numbers of actions known by the ALF Press Office. Numerous actions, especially minor property destruction ones, typically are never reported on or claimed by anyone. The following actions were claimed by either the Animal Liberation Front or similar organizations or anonymous individuals. ELF actions are included when they targeted animal abuse businesses.

Businesses targeted:

6 Bank of New York offices or facilities
5 research labs
4 Bank of America offices or facilities
4 animal breeders
3 Stephens Inc. offices or facilities
3 fur farms
3 McDonalds
3 Dairy Queen
3 meat stores
2 Burger King
2 Pizza Hut
2 factory farms
1 fur store
1 hunting store
1 pet store
1 wild horse facility
1 circus animal train

Damaged property:

approx. 70 windows or glass doors
approx. 10 vehicles and 1 yacht
3 fires set

Animals rescued or released:

3000 mink
1030 ducks and unknown number of ducklings
468 chickens
200 horses
62 pigeons
50 geese
42 beagles
28 rabbits
10 ferrets

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