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Interviews with AR Activists & Supporters of AR

Jill Phipps

ALF -- Nov 2005. ALF cell leader's interview with Bradley of "60 Minutes" (this conversation wasn't aired on TV)

Interview Questions Regarding Animal Testing - August 2010

    Interview March 11, 2009

   ALF interview - 2008?

   ALF interview - 2008

   ALF interview 2007

ALF questions -- Questions to ALF Jan. 2006.

ALF E-zine Interview

Corey -- Questions to ALF from Corey Lewis, Toronto Observer, Oct. 2005

1 Story

Interview -  interview is with a UK A.L.F. activist

Mink Liberators -- 2 Swedish men liberated 3500 mink in 2003.

Terrorists or altruists? -- 2 stories, Jenny and Mark

AL NSW (2000) -- Directors Mark, Bede, and Ben

Animal Sanctuaries -- Baston, Gene & Carmody, Bede

Arnold, Melanie

Arundhati Roy -- April 2000.

Auty, Dr John

Barbarash, David

Barnard, Dr Neal

Barnes, Don

Best, Steven -- The Epiphanies of

Bourke, Deidre: Arlan

Buddenberg, Joseph of the AETA 4

 Carmody, Bede -- A Poultry Place

Chase, Heather

Clearfield, Johanna -- August 2005. Helping NYC's Urban Wildlife

Coleman, Dr Vernon

Coronado, Rod 1997 - part 1

1997 Rod Coronado - part 2

Couturier, Lisa -- August 2005

Davis, Karen -- President of United Poultry Concerns.

DeRose, Chris -- Last Chance for Animals. Interview 2002.

     Chris DeRose Interview - August 2006

Derby, Pat -- Feb. 2005.

Drnovsek -- Feb. 2006. Dr. Drnov'ek, Pres. of Republic Slovenia, vegetarianism & animal rights.

Duckworth, Jane -- They Shoot Horses, Don't They

Dukovic, Laco -- Slovakian activist

Dunayer, Joan -- Animal Equality, Language and Liberation

Eisnitz, Gail -- Modern Meat, Brutal Harvest

Feldman, John -- 2003

Ferdin, Pam -- Feb 2006. Ex-child star goes from 'Lucy,' to animal activist.

Francione, Gary -- author and lawyer

Francione, part 2

Friedrich, Bruce

Dulmer, Darius - co-founder of Animal Defense League

Gandhi, Maneka -- Flying Solo

Garofalo, Janeane -- Comedienne, actress, radio talk host

Glenda's Rabbit and Rodent Rescue

Goodwin, J.P. -- 1997

Greek, Drs Ray and Jean -- Specious Science

Gregory, Dick -- comedian

Hahnheuser, Ralph -- Maintaining the Rage

Hewitt, Judi -- An Animal Activist Tells Her Story

Hickman, Dr Elaine

Hill, Julia 'Butterfly'

Honsch, Martin -- Activism the European Way, Austrian Vegan Society

Humane Charities Australia

Jensen, Derrick. May 2005.

Jones, Pattrice -- Feminist Fusion

Jones, Richard (MLC)

Kaplan, Helmut

Knight, Andrew

Kum, Kyenan

Lama, Eddie -- August 2005. "The Witness"

Levy, Laurie

Mann, Keith - August 2006

Mark, Patty -- 2004

Mason, Jim -- Rituals of Dominionism

Masson, Jeffrey -- On Science and Animal Emotions

McCarthy, Eileen

McKay, Nellie -- singer

Mickey Z -- Leading by Example

Mittal, Anuradha -- Human Need vs. Corporate Greed

Newkirk, Ingrid

I. Newkirk

Interview with Ingrid Newkirk -- May 2005

Ingrid on E-Bay -- Nov 2005. Ingrid auctioned on E-Bay, answers questions from bidders.

New Zealand Activists x 5 -- Vegans in Paradise

Ozeki, Ruth

J Pryor

Rhiannon, Lee (MLC)

Robbins, John -- Food for Thought. Author of "Diet for a New America"

    1996 John Robbins

    2001 John Robbins

Russell, Colleen -- On a Wing and a Prayer

Page, Dr Tony

Regan, Prof Tom -- An American Philosopher

    Regan, Prof Tom (again) -- Talking Philosophically

    T Regan

Reid, Tony -- Animal Rescue

Ross, Mirha-Soleil -- Queer Rights, Animal Rights

Ruesch, Hans -- The Legacy of

Say No to Animals in Pet Shops

Schwartz, Richard Ph.D

Seppala, Jani

Setter, Margaret

Shapiro, Paul

ALFPO Interview - Nicoal Sheen - 2011

Sheldrake, Dr Rupert -- Psychic Connections

Singer, Prof Peter -- Author of "Animal Liberation"

    Peter Singer on the Ethics of Eating - October 2006

P.Singer '05 -- Meaty arguments, by Krishna Guha. July 29 2005

Singer Aug 2005

P Singer 0306

Singer TV May 06

Spurlock, Morgan & Alex Jamieson -- "Supersize Me"

Stoner, Lynda

Sturla, Kim

Straight Edge -- What is it?

Townend, Christine

Tucker, Mary Evelyn -- Making the Ground Holy

Vegans for Animals -- Us or Them

Dr. Vlasak - with GreenMuze December 2008

Watson, Captain Paul -- Earth Warrior

Webb, Robin

    R Webb

Wedderburn, Dr John

Wise, Steven M. -- 2000

Wise & AR -- excerpts from New York Times

Wolfson, Yossi -- Anonymous for Animal Rights, Israel

Wyler, Gretchen -- Genesis Awards



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