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Lawrence Carter-Long

Lawrence Carter-Long has over three decades of experience as a communicator, advocate and social justice campaigner. At age five Lawrence was the 'poster child' for the local United Way fundraising campaign. Using that experience as a springboard toward positive rabble rousing in his late-teens and now into adulthood, Lawrence launched in 2003, because as the masthead says, "Sometimes A Brat Is The Best Thing To Be..."

Working as both the Network Coordinator for the Disabilities Network of New York City and Issues Specialist for In Defense of Animals, a national animal advocacy organization based in Mill Valley, CA Lawrence has dedicated his life to promoting progress primarily in the areas of animal protection and disability rights. In addition, Lawrence is a Contributing Editor to the New York based-SATYA Magazine, a monthly publication committed to increasing dialogue among people from diverse backgrounds and helping readers integrate compassion into their daily lives.

As an advocate for various issues, Lawrence has been featured as a guest on dozens of regional and national media outlets including NBC's The Today Show and CNN, among others. He has facilitated workshops on effective communication techniques and lectured at colleges and universities across the nation. He was one of 13 delegates selected to represent the United States of America on the 1997 voyage of the Ship for World Youth, where he served as co-editor of the weekly newspaper published for participants in the international exchange program. Lawrence represented the United States Ship for World Youth Alumni Association for two separate conferences in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. He is an alumni of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship's Alliance for Social Engagement and was awarded the Outstanding National Activist Award from the Culture & Animals Foundation in 1998. In recognition of his committment to the dharma, Lawrence cheerfully took refuge vows with Ane Pema Chödrön in November 1999 and was given the Buddhist name, Chokyi Sengge (Lion of Dharma).

Lawrence coordinated communications for the Animal Protection Institute from 1998-2002 and authored regular columns for the Animals' Agenda magazine from 1996-1999.

In the fall of 2001, Lawrence was asked to share his knowledge and expertise of the media as a voting member of the Ark Trust's (now the Humane Society of the United States Hollywood Office) selection and screening committee for their prestigious GENESIS AWARDS, which honors positive media coverage of animals and has proudly served on the committee since that time. The Genesis Awards have been presented annually in Beverly Hills, CA each March since 1986 and aired on national television since 1991.

Most recently, in August 2004, Lawrence completed the sixth annual SPIN Academy, sponsored by the SPIN Project, in Petaluma, California. The SPIN Academy is an intensive five day training program designed to facilitate more comprehensive strategic communications planning, with special attention given to specific skills-building in framing, message creation, targeting, developing relationships with reporters, and overall honing of advanced communications skills.

In October 2004, Lawrence returned to Tokyo, Japan to represent the United States Ship for World Youth Alumni Association at the 21st Century Renaissance Youth Leaders Invitation Program sponsored by the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan. Topics addressed during the program included Management, Public Relations, Education and Development.

He lives in Brooklyn, NY with Catherine Clyne, SATYA's Editor-in-Chief and three feisty felines; Pierre, Tobey and Charlie Bear. Senior feline extraordinairre Leon passed away in September 2004.

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