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Hire PETA President as a Personal Assistant for a Day

In a recent eBay auction, Ingrid Newkirk, President/Founder of PETA, offered her services for a day to the highest bidder as a fundraiser for PETA. Winning bid: $43,600.00. As part of the ebay format, potential bidders can ask questions of the seller (in this case, PETA). And, as you can imagine, there were a lot of questions asked, and they were answered well with a bit of humor and sometimes sarcasm. They are in the table below, in reverse order.
Winning bid: US $43,600.00  (Reserve met)  
Ended: Nov-10-05 07:00:00 PST
Start time: Oct-31-05 07:00:00 PST
History: 42 bids   (US $100.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: bearautovista ( 9 )

Nude anti-fur protest in Times Square


November 22, 2005

NEW YORK -- It was one of those "only in New York" moments: Two coffins, laid out in the middle of Times Square in a cold rain, with the naked bodies of a man and a woman in them _ talking.

Their message was: Some clothes sold in America are made with fur that comes from animals allegedly tortured in China.

"Animals are skinned alive in China, because it's cheaper than to kill them humanely," said Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, opening her eyes as she shivered in a black cardboard coffin, with a cold wind blowing the rain through the square.

Her body painted a deathly gray and strewn with flowers, she lay under a sign that read: "Fur is Dead."

The Tuesday protest at the "Crossroads of the World" was promoted as an eBay auction lot that attracted donors who "bid" $43,000.

Another banner bore a grisly photo of what PETA protesters said was a raccoon dog _ a fox-like mammal _ that had been skinned alive.

Michael McGraw, a PETA spokesman, also asserted that millions of dogs and cats in China are used for their fur, which is then sold as fur from sheared coyote, beaver, mink and other animals.

PETA is distributing video footage shot by Swiss documentary filmmaker Mark Rissi that the group says shows fur farmers in China's Hebei province swinging foxes by their hind legs and smashing their heads into the ground, breaking their necks.

PETA, based in Norfolk, Va., plans a series of protests around the world beginning with "Fur Free Friday" _ coinciding with Friday after Thanksgiving, which generally is considered the busiest U.S. shopping day of the year.

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Hi there, I just ran across the auction. What a great idea! And kudos to you for how you're handling all the ribbing--some of it good-natured, some not--keep up the good work! I hope you raise lots of money for the cause and get a few people to think about some things along the way.

Well, thank you. We hope so too.


hey freaks, why it is OK for her assistant to take penasilin that is derived from animals and tested on animals for her diabetes? Or if she thinks abortion is acceptable?

Oh my, where to start? It’s a vice-president, not her assistant; it’s insulin not penicillin; and all insulin produced these days is non-animal based since there were so many problems with allergic reactions to animal-based insulin. PETA even has a free booklet you can order on on how to control diabetes and how going vegan would reduce your need for additional insulin. PETA’s mandate concerns animals, so it does not have any opinion about abortion. If you win the auction, you may ask Ms Newkirk about her personal opinion on the subject.


i was wondering if she could help me find the deer i shot on nov.6? is that a possibility? i really dont like it just laying in the woods, and would she be willing to hunt with me, im not a good shot when they are running so there might be a accident if you know what i mean.

Thank you for identifying yourself as a slob hunter. Most of your ilk don’t. Hunting accidents are tragedies but unlike drive-by shootings the victims aren’t usually innocent bystanders.


Answer me this, if I understand correctly a vegan must be very careful and make sure to eat a certain variety of foods/beans in order to get the proper protein and nutrients. If this is true, it just does not sound natural to me. Our ancestors were not designed to go out of their way to find a certain vegetable or bean. That lends itself to this, why is it so bad to just not eat meat? I understand the conditions on a dairy farm are not to your standards but what about free range eggs / milk / cheese which lends itself to a veg. diet where one doesn't have to make a special effort. I believe if we were not intended to eat meat we wouldn't have the capacity to do so.

That view is a bit outdated. Actually, as long as a vegan eats a balanced diet with plenty of fresh food and enough calories and gets enough B12 in cereal or soymilk, s/he will be fine. You might look at for advice or We eat well. And, hey, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is grains, nuts and fruits in one bite! Add a banana and you can pretend you are Elvis Presley. How much meat do you suppose our ancestors really ate? You may have noticed that we’re not exactly designed to chase down antelope and rip their throats out with our teeth. I suppose prior to the use of fire they were also raw foodists. It just doesn’t feel natural to me to chew on raw meat when there are so many delightful fruits, nuts and vegetables grown ready-to-eat. Sure, if you’re not ready to stop eating eggs or milk products, those from free range animals probably caused less suffering, but you should try some of the wonderful soy and rice based products – cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, even soy ice cream.


I'm not sure you know your facts on the gentle and quiet creatures. Deer and other animals are by no means gentle and quiet. Try petting one of them sometime in the wild. You might be knocked back into reality, if you live through it. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or make you mad in any way. I don't agree with animal cruelty and such. On the other hand, I hunt for food, not trophies. Why is that so hard for PETA to understand? I don't like to see animals suffer any more than anyone else. I never take a questionable shot when hunting. When I shoot an animal, it is over very quickly. If you want to see something sick, get into a deer stand, unarmed and watch a coyote take an adult deer down and start tearing it apart before the deer is dead. I'm a law abiding hunter and I don't see that changing, it's a family tradition that is being instilled into my kids. One note, I'm also 100% Native American. Where did your ancestors come from?

You’re right, but we would certainly never encourage anyone to try to pet any wild animal. We understand that you eat the animals you kill and as we’ve said that’s a more honest way of relating than buying them shrink-wrapped in the supermarket or as a plate of chicken wings in a bar. Still, these days, there is no real need to hunt wild animals for food, as safer, more nutritious food is readily available. Our ancestors were also Earthlings, so we share a common background. More specifically, I think Ms. Newkirk is originally from Africa. All Europeans are.


Is PETA trying to make domesticated animals extinct? If we don't eat beef, chicken, etc., and if we neuter every dog and cat on the planet, then what becomes of these poor beasts? Do you really think people will keep a herd of cattle just to look at? I think PETA has gone nuts. NANCY

Hi, Nancy - People are doing their best to keep a herd of elephants in captivity just to look at, so, yes, they probably would do the same with cattle. The reason there are so many farmed animals is that they are relentlessly bred to keep up with the demand for cheap meat. Modern day chickens have been bred to grow to full size in just weeks – a process that used to take months – to produce food faster although it makes them unable to stand and barely even move. I appreciate what you’re trying to say but there is very little danger of domestic or companion animals becoming extinct.


Does this day consist of 8 hours or 24 or somewhere in between? Also, how come vegeterians die on average earlier then meat eaters?

Well, we were thinking of a normal work day but I guess it depends on what you have in mind. Ms Newkirk will try to accommodate your schedule if you win. Not only don’t vegetarians die at a younger age than meat eaters but they are healthier throughout their lives - their longevity rate is superior. Check . Your comment would have more zing if it were accurate.


hi, i don't know anything about your organization. i just so happen to stumble upon your auction through ebay's most watched auctions page. CONGRATULATIONS! Anyhoo, let the president know that she is a beautiful woman in and out for caring so much for God's creatures. Here's my question...when you say that animals are not for us to eat, what information did you use in order to come to that conclusion?

There is a lot of evidence that humans aren’t ideally designed to eat animals – from the shape of our teeth to the way our digestive systems work. We’re not true carnivores like tigers. We’re primates, and primates aren’t big meat eaters. In fact, most don’t eat meat at all. But our creed that animals are not ours to eat is based more on a philosophical stance that each animal has his own interests, desires and a unique place in creation and that for animals this place is certainly not a factory farm or a veal crate or having her wings sold for 29 cents each during ‘Happy Hour’ at your neighborhood bar. Simply because we are the cleverest and most powerful animal does not mean that the other animals were put here for us to do with as we please. In fact, we are in an ideal position to protect those weaker than us.


Great publicity stunt idea, who came up with this one? To bad that’s probably all you will get. I very seriously doubt you will see the cash on this one. Not exactly hi-rollers bidding so far haha.. At least it has given people a forum to lash out at PETA which I found very funny. You seem to have a good sense of humor. How much do you think this Auction will net PETA I would put my money on a loss.

I don't know. More than 50,000 people have looked at this auction, it’s on Ebay's most viewed list, is featured on several other sites, and bidding has already passed $14,000. We're glad to hear that the high rollers haven't checked in yet – we can hardly wait!


L@@K auction # 5631870282 I just wanted to say that I think you all are great... my three puppy dogs along with myself are watching your auction hoping for a great outcome. Good luck!!!

Thanks – keep an eye on those pooches or they'll outbid you when you leave the room.


Just because she is the self-titled -President- of PETA does NOT equate her position with that of the President of the United States. She should not have to be accomodated in a room that would be of the caliber fit for George Bush, the President of the United States. She is worthy of respect, but the levels due are NOT equivalent based on titles. For President Bush, I would would make special accomodation; for -President- Newkirk, she gets what everyone else gets.

Well, then, she and George can visit at the same time!


Blessings to Ingrid and to all of the wonderful folks at PETA for doing such great work. Thank you for making our world a better place for ALL living creatures -- furry and hairless, big and small, the intelligent, and the not so intelligent (who are well represented as the authors of some of these questions!). Your responses here have made me laugh and your good hearts give me hope. Best wishes from me, and my three darling rescue kitties (Julia, Kate, Sasha, and Molly).

Thanks for your comments. Glad to see that your cats get equal billing in your family! I'm sure they wouldn't have it any other way.


I would like to know one thing, many great scientific discoveries have been made through testing on animals. If we do not use animals how can we possibly make any progress? Maybe you would suggest using prisoners on death row, or maybe we could auction someone on eBay to do this, like say, a certain President of an Animal Advocate group.

Good question, but like many people I think that you might be confusing progress with growth. Animal testing has grown to become a huge business but it hasn't made much progress – more people die today of cancer, heart disease and problems caused by medical treatment than ever before – and that's with tons of animal testing. Prisoners were once asked to volunteer to test yellow fever vaccinations in exchange for a reduction in their sentences. I think that this might be a useful contribution that prisoners can make to repay society, if they choose to, but not if they are coerced. Better than the animals who are innocent, have no choice and will certainly be killed. But there are also many healthy and sick people who would be glad to be included in an experimental study either for the chance for a cure or to help humanity. Look at Rock Hudson trying desperately but without luck to get into an experimental program and having to go to France for one when it was too late. Keep in mind that many of the tests that you are supporting are often to investigate drug, alcohol or tobacco addiction in animals, HIV or dozens of other diseases or conditions that do not normally occur in animals. Today's epidemiological studies and human cell cultures, and more allow us to use humans without harming them.


I agree with you. I love animals too. They are beautiful to look at, fun to shoot, and delicious to eat.

We love original ideas like this. The first time we heard it, about 25 years ago, we laughed ourselves silly.  

If I win, will Ms. Newkirk come hunting with me, and explain to me overpopulation of animal species? could she possibly explain how an animal dying a slow & painful death starving over the course of a winter because of overpopulation & lack of food is better than harvesting an animal & feeding a family (possibly more than 1 family)? If you vegans stop reproducing & eating all the animals natural foods maybe this wouldn't occur? Is she capable of such in depth conversation, or is it animals feel pain & the veggies don't?

You know, she would, but save your money and don't bid. If you won, you might not be able to follow her explanation and might feel cheated.


Hi, What a wonderful thing you are doing. I think cruelty to animals is truly horrible. I must say there has been a lot of questions already! I just finished reading through them & there are (some) valid points made on the ~non-animal lovers~ side. Personally I think that we should not consider animals to be more important than humans. I wonder how many staving people in our current world humanitarian crisis could be given LIFE by the efforts of volunteer's like yourself? Not to mention all the money and resources (+ time) that could be used to help desperate people. I feel that people should not be cruel to animals and I am very upset that (some) people are however you will never stop (merely slow) the cruelty of animals. I think that mother teresa could have really used you people on the mission fields and I personally would love to see you handing out food to starving children and giving first-aid to bomb victums or helping rescue people from earthquake rubble. Thanks.

Wow. Funny you should mention Mother Theresa. Some of Ms Newkirk's earliest memories are of this sainted woman. Ms Newkirk’s mother volunteered for Mother Theresa in India and St. Theresa's lessons of compassion and love for all were not lost on her or her daughter. It was probably while the young Ingrid was rolling bandages for lepers on school break (yes, she did that) or stuffing cloth dolls for the orphanage kids that her mother said to her, 'It doesn’t matter who suffers, but how.' Her mother also took in human and non-human waifs and strays, she didn't slam the door on anyone who was hungry or ill. It isn't necessary to rank either humans or animals as more important, any more than it's necessary to kick a stray dog while going to feed a homeless person, all are deserving of our care, love and consideration. PETA works to help animals. Other groups work to help human victims of violence, war and abuse. Some people do nothing of any good for anyone. You can support whichever groups you feel are working towards goals that you share. Thanks for keeping an open mind and for your own efforts for those in need.


I'm all for PETA, what I want to know is if I hire her, will she smoke a joint with me (it will be within the bounds of my business to do so)?

Wow. Nice work if you can get it… Far out! We won't even ask what business you're in. Send us your pager number and what corner you'd like to meet on and we'll discuss it, but it would have to be legal in your jurisdiction – no, don't even tell us where you live.


Hi - Good Luck raising money! Isn't it a shame about some of the really dumb questions you've had from the REALLY dumb rednecks (is it ok to call them that? i'm from UK not sure what's allowed). One question, my other half says eating fish is ok, coz they don't have any feeling and catching them doens't cause any pain or distress. What does the newest research and Ms Newkirk say about this? I take it Ms Newkirk doesn't eat fish or like fishing! How about auctioning a 5 minute phonecall from her to lecture the person of your choice? (Like my other half to tell him fishing IS a blood sport?)

Like the idea: thanks! Scientists have proven that fish are intelligent animals who feel pain just like all animals do. Fish learn from one another, have long term memories and can recognize one another. Fish gather information by eavesdropping and fish even use tools- which until recently was thought to be a uniquely human trait. To learn more about the amazing lives of fish, please visit (or get your other half to) - you can also read about the cruelty of the fishing industry, the health problems caused by eating fish and, of course, what you can do to help them! These days there are also many vegetarian faux fish products that would probably satisfy the other half. Oh, we don’t call them 'really dumb rednecks' – it’s redundant.


I agree with parts of PETA but feel things have gotten way overboard in some of your views. Keep going after the cruel people but please leave the honest hunter and fisher alone. Best of luck with the auction.

Thanks. Sometimes our views might seem over the top to people who are kind and caring to most animals but still enjoy pursuits like hunting or fishing. It is true that hunters and fishers are more honest than those who pay someone else to do their killing, but they need to discipline themselves to not just be up front about it, but to stop it as we’re not survivalists any more. Check out and read our positions on hunting and fishing – you may be surprised to find you agree.


I am dismayed that someone in a position of power has nothing better to do than sell their time away to the highest bidder. Maybe you should reconsider your position as the leader of a powerful organization, and take on a more profitable career.

Ms Newkirk replies: I gave up a profitable career a long time ago to do something that has its rewards, even when it comes to dealing with rude and critical people, because I see every day that more eyes and hearts and minds are being opened, even against such resistance to change.


Hello, First off I don't believe in people torturing animals for fun, a laugh or just to be cruel. But GOD put animals on this planet for a reason. There are people like you that CHOOSE to be vegan, or vegatarian. That's fine however Meat has been a way of life far longer than you or anyone can think jesus ate fish, Does that mean he's a bad person, NO. You can say whatever you want because everyone has their freedom of speech, But NOBODY IS A BAD PERSON, just because they eat meat. The only Meat that God said not to eat is of course Human's. If you love animals great, I do to I love them as pet's as much as I like to eat them. And that's the way this world will be till we all die. You can die from anything, When it's your time to go you will go whether you get hit by a car or ate too many burger's. I don't disagree with everything you wrote but most of it is still humane, otherwise we wouldn't have been given such great food. Meat and Vegetables...Thanks

We completely agree that eating meat is a choice and doesn't make you a bad person. It may be true that God put animals on this earth for a reason, but it's hard to believe that He was thinking about packing tens of thousands of His creatures into tiny cages in huge buildings so that they never see the light of His sun or touch the bare earth, so that they live miserable lives and suffer horrible deaths. This just sounds contrary to anything a kind and loving God would support and it certainly isn't anything I can support. But you're wrong in thinking that things will be this way forever and the first step towards ending this cruelty is to not support it by not eating it. If you are not yet willing to go vegetarian, please at least choose to buy meat from animals not raised in factory farms. Research where your meat, milk, eggs and other animal products come from and how the animals are treated and decide for yourself. PETA also has some great Christian veg tapes: got to the bookstore at peta.mall.

Dear Ingrid, You're such an inspiration to many and thanks one more time for changing my life and realizing I was not alone in a country like Colombia where bullfighting and other atrocities go on daily. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!

Thank you. Many compassionate people sometimes feel like they are powerless or alone in their efforts to help animals. This just simply isn't true. Many people just don't speak up because they think that they are alone, but they would be surprised at the widespread support there is for treating animals kindly. We're happy to help whenever and wherever we can.



i need some one to help heel up rooster to fight would you be willing to help thanks

Of course you need help to get a rooster to fight. Roosters don't normally fight to the death and certainly not with razor sharp knives attached to their feet. Because of its cruelty, cock fighting has been banned in all but two states but some have left loopholes for people like you to breed and train fighting cocks for shipment to those states. If your idea of fun is watching animals beat and shred each other, we suggest you take up professional hockey and leave the chickens alone. Win this auction and Ms Newkirk would be pleased to accompany you to a game – it would give your roosters a much needed break.


This is such a creative approach to informing people about PETA. I recently went fur-free, stocked up on some faux fur stoles, and I hear Mercedes now offers leather-free cars! So we can have our luxury sans cruelty!

Good for you! You won't ever regret living a cruelty-free life style knowing that no animals had to suffer for your necessities or your luxuries. And as you say it's getting easier and easier to find cruelty-free items. If you win the auction, you drive. A non-leather Mercedes ride sounds heavenly.  

I'm just wondering why it is ethical to spay/neuter an animal against its will? Who is going to stand up for the basic right of a creature to procreate?

I've thought about this question a lot. Although a lot of procreating goes on, I’m not sure it's a basic right, but if it is then is it justified for food producers who keep animals to so ruthlessly exploit female animals? After all, it is hens who are treated the worst of chickens, sows who are artificially inseminated in 'rape racks' and confined to gestation crates, cows who are constantly re-impregnated so they can be milked to mastitis, or have their male offspring dragged lowing from them for veal. Or for that matter, male animals don't have much say in modern breeding, nor do zoo animals who are electro-ejaculated to collect sperm. Companion animals are spayed or neutered under anesthesia and recover quickly. Neutered animals are less aggressive, less likely to stray and less susceptible to various types of cancer. And they can't contribute to the horrendous animal overpopulation problem which is being fueled by puppy mills, pet stores and back yard breeders - who probably think they are just be standing up for the right to procreate.

Hi, I have another question. Will this lady go into an Asian country of my choice (all expenses paid) and care for the chickens that are being exterminated for possible bird flu? I was just wondering if the love really carries that far? Will this woman care for and protect these chickens from an untimely and cruel death by slaughter? Additionally try to nurse them back to health? I mean the authorities are only trying to save a few billion humans right! Are humans as important as birds in your opinion? I mean if your entire family and close friends were about to die would you kill the birds or watch your loved ones die? If you would rather your family dead I think we have a problem....but please tell me will she care for the birds? I understand that it may be illegal but I might be able to get her into a remote village or something so we can get the birds out before the authorities come with their evil vendetta. My question again will she nurse and personally care for these chickens? A lot of questions but some of them are based on flawed premises. The birds that are being and will be cruelly slaughtered are not sick, so they do not need to be nursed back to health. Millions of healthy (well, as healthy as you could expect a factory farm chicken to be) chickens will be killed as a precaution to stop the spread of bird flu if a case is found in nearby birds. The way to save billions of human lives is to remove the breeding grounds for bird flu – by dismantling the factory farms in which hundreds of thousands of birds are choking in their own wastes and having their immune systems impaired so any passing pigeon with a cough could set off a catastrophe. The best way to reduce the need for these intensive farms is to go vegetarian. No one wants to see their friends or relatives dying but killing birds reeks more of revenge than solution.  
Hi i am 13 years old and i am a vegan. My parants are not vegan but i just decided to become one on my own because of PETA. I also have turned 5 people into vegetarians by talking to them about how animals are slaughterd.I have a lot of animals at home and love them very much. By Peta standards is it ok to keep animals as long as their needs are exceeded? I also oppose animal testing very much. I wrote a 5 page paper on why it is cruel for an English assignment. I have a deep admiration for animals. Is it OK to keep them if you keep them well? Good for you for making the connection between animal suffering and things we can all do in our own lives to reduce it. Some people never get it. If you're going to be a care giver to a companion animal stick to a species that has been domesticated forever like a cat or dog – no exotics, no tropical fish (or any other kind of fish),no birds, reptiles or amphibians, no wild animals - and adopt an animal in need, don’t even think about buying one. Make sure you can afford, or your parents are willing, to provide good quality food and routine and emergency veterinary care (hold on to your wallet!) and be willing to share your home. My dog was reading over my shoulder and suggested that plenty of toys and treats are a good idea too.  

Love this item. :) True absolute quality inside and out :) Will Ms Newkirk be planning to visit Australia again one day? Will PETA start a branch in Australia in the future. We would love to be interns :) We have an AR group - Queensland Group for Animal Rights and we would love to assist Ms Newkirks organisation. Great happiness to you all and thanks for all you do for our non human animal friends. :) Trisha R

Thanks. We're really pleased to see that you have links to Chew on This and Meat Your Meat on your website along with tons of great information about a variety of animal issues. We're delighted to know about your organization and wish you the best. We would love to work with you – send a note with your contact info to and we’ll be in touch. Nov-07-05

After reading all the other questions, my question is: Does Ms. Newkirk and her staff ever get tired of answering silly questions from ignorant people? I mean, after 25 years, it might get annoying. Cheers to PETA for attempting to educate these uneducated souls.

Nope. As long as we can help animals we're willing to keep plugging away, and we're encouraged by people who swore they'd never change and yet they did! After all, ignorance is curable.  
How can you continue to have faith in humanity after being bombarded with the unfeeling, cruel, and stubbornly-unintelligent, antagonistic comments from people that you receive on a daily basis, being an active member of PETA? It's too bad I can't package and display the extremely good karma I've received from being a vegetarian to show people it's actually the opposite of a sacrifice not to kill animals.

Fortunately, our clients are animals so we realize that the people you mention aren't really against us so much as they are trying to defend their own inhumane and inexcusable behavior towards our clients. The fact that this strikes a nerve, means they are bothered by what they do. We don’t take it personally.


No questions. Just a statement. Although I do not agree with the tactics employed by PETA, it is still a worthwile organization, and I hope that this auction raises over $100,000.00. Just think of the animals.

Thanks for keeping an open mind. Keep reading the website, let's agree on more and more!

What do you feed that dog? sure its not vegetables All dog food contains animal parts!! Actually it doesn't. And the cans that do, contain meat from the 4D bin: dead, dying, diseased and disabled, although you'd never tell that from the price! Petguard, Natural Life, Evolution, Wysongs and several other dog food manufacturers produce high quality vegan dog food. Dogs are omnivores and do very well on a vegan diet. In fact, most animal based dog foods contain more vegetables than animals. Look at the first few ingredients in dog food – they are generally corn or soy meal or other vegetable based items. When I switched my rescued dog to a vegan diet the discharge from her eyes stopped and her coat became more lustrous – she was probably allergic to rendered dogs, cats, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens or other animal food unfit for human consumption that is used for dog food. Sorry, if it’s not fit for me to eat, I won’t feed it to my dog.  
You've always said that hunting animals is wrong. In Australia we have an introduced pest animal which is the wild boar. The wild boar is 200-400 pounds with (at least) six inch razor sharp tusks. The diet of these animals is mainly wheat and roots, a vegetarian diet. They indiscriminately slaughter and mame other native and farm animals. These animals are vicious, and kill just for the sake of killing. More often than not they rip the animal apart and leave to die. Hunters at their own expense and personal risk hunt down these killers. I see nothing wrong with this. As hunting has become less popular due to articles by your organisation these dangerous animals are on the increase. What I want to know is, do you think its better to not hunt these animals and let them continue on their increasing path of death and destruction? So who was it that introduced this wild boar to Australia? Your description of the destruction caused by these animals sounds about equivalent to that caused by hunters, or someone mulesing a sheep. (These animals are vicious, and kill just for the sake of killing. More often than not they rip the animal apart and leave to die.) It sounds like you got pretty much what you asked for. No reason now to blame the boars. You need tighter controls on exotic and non-native animals entering your country (and on live sheep exiting it!)  

Will Ms. Newkirk talk about her day on her website? W00t, go Ingrid, if it wasn't for her I would never have found out about the suffering of animals. I've been a Vegan now for about three years now and I've never felt better. This is seriously a product worth bidding for.

Great idea! We'll certainly post details of Ms Newkirk's experiences as a personal assistant.  
What sort of accommodations are required? Where would you put President George Bush if were going to visit you? OK, President Bush can't make it, Ms Newkirk will use his room.  
Hi I was wondering if she would like to sit down and watch the animal conservancy episode of Penn And Tellers BULLSH T with me? And just have a nice chat about it and hear her views. I think it is an episode that everyone should watch. Also I do love animals and hate to see them abused but I do like eating them. I have pets that I love but as long as I dont see an animal that is possibly a pet being killed for food I dont mind. If I see someone abusing say a cat or a dog or even a ferret or a lizard I would severly hurt them. Since I do eat animals am i still a bad person? Interesting question. I think the name of the show speaks volumes, but she'll talk to you about it, sure. So you would be against killing 4H animals at the end of the year since these animals are just like pets to some of the kids who raise them and then get their hearts broken when they realize the lesson is that you can sell out your pal for a buck? Physically hurting someone who is abusing an animal probably just contributes to the pattern of violence, but it’s great that you’ve thought about how you relate to animals. Very few of us have been vegetarian from birth, but from the questions you are asking, perhaps you would like to learn more about vegetarianism. Go to this website and you can order a free vegetarian starter kit jammed full of information about the benefits of going veg, veg recipes, etc.  
How do you think she would feel about helping me skin my catch from my TRAPS?? Banditbuy99 She would feel sorry for you to be still involved in such a pathetic business and with the price of pelts these days we doubt you could afford to win this auction. Doesn’t it annoy you when you get $10 or $12 dollars for an animal skin and see fur coats selling for thousands of dollars?  

I have been a vegetarian and member of PETA for 4 years now. It's sad and shameful, the things I have learned about what goes on to these animals behind closed doors. If I win, can she tell me how to get my cats to stop spraying on all of my new daughter's things? I think they are jealous. I love them to death and I'd really hate to have to find them a new home. Also, what about an animal rights rally? Would she speak at a local one for me too?

Thank you. Ms Newkirk has written extensively about cats (you can order -250 Ways to Make Your Cat Adore You- from the or borrow a copy from the library). There is a chapter in it, on spraying. She would like to help you with this problem, regardless. Please send your question about spraying to and you will receive info to help with the problem. She’d love to speak at an animal rights rally.  

Would she be willing to jump off a cliff?

Yep. Right after you. If she changes her mind, you'll get your money back.


Hello, Will Ingrid come model fur coats for my boutique?

There are plenty of fur hags out there already. Check with Anna Wintour. But she'd gladly discuss a more ethical career choice for you, help you sort out how to earn a living without using dead animals.


would she wear a fur coat all day? i would also request that she not speak the entire time.

Yes, we have specially decorated statement fur coats she would wear. But she'd speak. So, if you'd like someone to wear a fur coat and not speak all day, perhaps you should consider adopting a fur bearing animal. We'd prefer it was a loved companion rather than one you later plan to eat or rip his skin off for some silly stunt.


Why is the dog so unhappy?

He could be thinking of all the dogs killed in China for fur trim. Or recalling the smell of dog soup wafting out of a Korean restaurant. He might be remembering the hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs killed at shelters, and those who languish within them, for lack of a home. Perhaps he’s thinking about dogs suffering from repeated invasive surgeries without anesthetic in animal laboratories. Actually, he could be thinking about his life in a junkyard on a logging chain before Ms. Newkirk rescued him and got him to the vet's. He will no longer have to worry about these abuses, but his past makes him look worried. 


Can she help me research the environmental and economic impact if we discontinue consumption, harvest and captivity of animals? This would include research on millions of once captive animals (such as cattle) that are free to roam now that no one will want them. It also would include research on the impact on the environment now that more land ( wildlife habitat) would have to be cleared and tilled to provide an adequate food sources for the population. And,investigating the impact of an increased dependency on synthetic(oil based) products to replace natural ones.

Ms Newkirk loves research. If you won and the research shows that a vegan diet, besides being more compassionate, is also environmentally and economically preferable, will you go vegan? Before you answer, you might want to take an honest look at another website,


this is just wrong..

That's a strong argument. We might just reconsider on the strength of it. 


I'm ashamed of those photos with ingred in them. Those cows are fenced up and aren't free and wild like peta says animals should be. Their feelings are hurt because they are locked up inside that fence. How can you explain this?

I bet you’ve got much worse things to be ashamed about.


If I assigned PETA president Newkirk to be my body gaurd and I was attacked by a diseased, crazy, starving bear, would PETA president Newkirk kill the bear to protect me?

You're in luck. In over 50 years, no one standing next to Ms Newkirk has ever been attacked by a diseased, crazy, starving bear and neither will you, so no killing necessary. 


If I bid, would you be oppose to going fishing, and gaffing our catch? We can have sashimi! :)

Let me get this straight – you want to take one of the leading animal rights advocates in the world out in a small boat so that you can torture and asphyxiate sea creatures in front of her and you want her hold the fish gaff and decide which of the other two creatures in the boat deserves to be gaffed? Time for a reality check. You’re not going to win this auction, pal, but good luck in life!


How much did you pay the flacks to dream this one up? Hope for their sake they're getting paid by the word/minute of coverage. ;-)

Glad you asked. I get paid in riches, the riches of the study of human interaction, each time someone asks a question. Thank you.


Will the PETA president spend a day with me at my duck hunting club...I would love to have her spend a day in the blind and see how Duck hunters love there sport...

Yes, you could take Ms Newkirk duck hunting but you could never in a million years convince her that it’s a sport.


If I win the auction, can Ingrid and I have a day of shopping, manicures,and cucumber masks? Then we can go downtown, and drink martinis while talking about world issues. This sounds a lot less stressful than the activities mentioned in your description.

OMG! We want you to win! Ms Newkirk would love to join you rather than face more animal horrors. Thank you for realizing that she could use a break but until everyone else gets off their –break- and realizes the harm and suffering they inflict daily on animals, she’s willing to keep on goin’ on.. 


PETA promotes compassion. It is frightening that so many people are opposed to compassion towards animals. People and animals share 98% of the same genetic material, why should they be treated so differently? Animals have interests too. Those opposed to animal rights should read Animal Liberation by Peter Singer. Good for you Igrid - you are my hero!

Thanks. Please bid lots, we’d love to see you win!


so what are the limitations on what she will do

Ms Newkirk will obviously go to great lengths to help relieve the suffering of animals, but the restrictions in the ad are fairly clear – nothing illegal and anything that harms animals that is outside the normal activities of the winner. So if you work in a slaughterhouse killing line, she will come and watch, or give advice, but she will not take over and do your killing for you. Ms Newkirk reserves the right to reject any suggested activity, but will work with the winner to find an acceptable job. 


if i win, will she lick my sausage?

If you lose, will you? 


I would love to have Ms Newkirk help me clean my combines blades at my soybean farm. You see, many wild animals are killed each year because of the vegetarians needs! Is she willing to help? Also is she going to be coming on a bicycle? Motor vehicle and airline transportation pollutes animals habitats, and many deer are killed each day by cars. Is she able bike that far to my home if I win the auction?

So who is eating the soybeans that you raise? Are they for human consumption or are you raising food that will be fed to animals who will then be used for food? If you win the auction, Ms Newkirk will help you clean your combine blades. If you would like to guarantee that her trip to your farm injures no animals you are welcome to transport her yourself in a human powered rickshaw. 


How many streetteam points will winning this auction get me?

Sorry, harv41dog, hanging out with Ingrid is reward enough, we won’t be giving any street team points for winning the auction.

You talk about when we eat animals they suffer, okay, fine and dandy but what happens to the poor defenceless vegetables you pick from a garden? How do you know they aren't screaming in pain when you pick them? They are after all a living thing.

Chin up, if you are this sensitive, you can always become a fruitarian. They only eat nuts and fruits and what-have-you that have fallen from the tree/bush, etc. While no one knows if plants feel, and they may, we do know that all animals do, so what kind of people are we if we try to deflect that knowledge and find excuses to keep right on stringing them up by their legs and cutting their throats? It's almost impossible to eliminate suffering, it's true, but each of us in our own lives can choose to reduce suffering as much as possible. When you go vegan, you are less likely to feel the pain of heart attack and cancer, too. 

Will she be ok with spending the day scratching the soles of my feet and clipping my toenails?

I suppose so. Does it really take all day to scratch your feet and clip your toenails?


Is she single? She is kind of cute. Would a date be to much?

We think she’s cute and you’re welcome to try.

Who's the old lady with the cows? That would be Ms Newkirk. You have anything against feisty old ladies?  
Will you help work at my deer processing business? I think this would let us both understand each other more. Sure. And her objective would be to get you to understand deer more.  
Hi I work chinese restaurant. We cook dog and specialty cat for customer. I was wonder if Newkirk can help with finding the dog and cat for customer to enjoy. We make cat and dog search every monday in all the city and we put in cage where customer can choose favorite meal from all the dog and cat. thank you Ms. Newkirk has actually visited a dog slaughterhouse in China, but does not condemn dog and cat eating as any worse than the slaughter of the animals you obviously Western person eats. No animal wants to die, they all value their lives.  
Can I bring my own videographer along...just want to make sure that everything gets recorded...fairly? Yes, you may.  
Will Ms. Newkirk call a press release during my day and publicly admit that she kills more animals by eating vegetables than she would by eating meat? The harvesting of her precious vegetables kills an exponential amount more of small field animals & rodents than an all-meat meal would. A British study has confirmed this, so basically this entire vegan premise is a farce. Will she admit it publicly? Your logic is faulty. To produce a pound of steak or chicken requires 6-20 times as much plant protein to convert. Please see for more information  
If I bid an win the auction, will Ingrid come to the United Kingdom and help in the Cat & Dog shelter for the day? Yes. She would be pleased to help and is grateful that caring people are willing to rescue and adopt stray and unwanted companion animals.  

i think she should live like a animal for a day. she should get naked and live in nature for a day just like any other animal it shame it not a week. my olny problem is should she do it in the swops or the alaska with the brown bears. animals have such a easy life.

Anyone who thinks animals have an easy life can't have thought about being castrated without anesthetic, having the front of his face cut off or the folds of his butt sliced off with a hot knife without anesthetic, wasn’t branded, ear tagged, chained for years, jammed in a tiny cage, hunted, trapped, snared, experimented on, starved, abused, neglected or abandoned. We see these abuses of animals every day and if going naked will end your participation in any animal exploitation, she’ll do it. Show me the money!   
My apartment in the city has a cockroach problem. Will Ingrid help me kill the roaches (or is that a bad thing too)? No animal wants to get killed, so from the cockroach's point of view killing them is definitely a bad thing. The question really is how much you're willing to consider the cockroach's point of view. If you are and if you win, Ms Newkirk would love to share with you and help you implement a basketful of strategies to eliminate cockroaches from your home without anybody getting killed, perhaps by helping you keep the place clean first.   
I AM FROM NIGERIA. I AM HURRY, WOULD LIKE TO PAY YOU THE SUM OF 10000$ OFF EBAY FOR MISS INGRID. WOULD YOU CARE SHIP UPS COD? PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MRSTEAK@NIGERIA.COM We couldn’t take your money, MrSteak. What with your uncle unfairly in prison and his assets frozen, your gold bullion locked away, the former minister in disgrace, the accounts destroyed, the keys waylaid… We love your emails though, so keep ‘em coming.  
Hello, I'm David and I run a cow factory in Texas. We do mostly breeding cows and bulls. We have inexperience workers to capture the bulls sperms. They are complaining of the awful smell and the misfire that hits the workers. Can Ingrid give some lecture to us or demonstrate how to catch sperm? I know its a messy job, can she help? Guess what, David? Cows already know how to breed without your help, and I bet they are not all that thrilled about how you smell either. Does your mother know you are fantasizing in this way?  
can i make her eat fois gras wrapped in veal on a bed of white toasted bread and butter to start, with a whole filet of beef with a side of mashed potatos (with cream of course) and a a caesar side salad (with anchovies), and to finish maybe good ol' jello and ice-cream, served with shots of jagemermeister? can we go watch cows get killed? can i take her on an adventure through the local abbotoir? can your bloated PR network find me an abbatoir that we can hang around in? can i record our conversations and use them for my own media relations? If this is how you're eating, you better bid fast and make sure your health insurance is paid up! Ms Newkirk would be pleased to comfort the menagerie that you plan to consume while they are still alive but she will not join you in devouring their corpses. Yes, she will go to a slaughterhouse and abattoir and she will probably insist that you record the conversations. But after looking into the eyes of these gentle creatures, the veal calf just weeks old and unable to even turn around, she would not be able to find it in her heart to deprive them of the only thing they have on earth – their lives.   
Just curious,how does Ms Newkirk feel about the animals that kill other animals to feed their families? Some animals are carnivores, as you say, and can only meet their nutritional requirements by eating other animals. Fortunately humans, as omnivores, do not have this nutritional need and are far healthier when they consume a solely vegetable based diet. She finds it ironic that humans tend to eat the vegetarian animals, the gentlest and least likely to be able to fight back. Nov-03-05

Ok, I'm thinking of winning this auction no matter how high it will go. I have in mind breaking into a animal shelter and stealing animals which I can later resell to local factories and gourmet stores would Ms Newkirk give me a hand and pick out the ones that are most expensive then carry them out to my car alond with other stuff we find?

Sounds like you’re doing great on your own. Win the auction and Ms Newkirk would be pleased to visit you in jail.  

Is she available for a chunking trip to the Hudson and if she throws up or don't make it back can I get a refund?

Scott Peterson asked the same question and look where it got him! We'll pass.   
love what PETA Stands for and I think this is a wonderful idea! Bravo! I currently have two companion pigs/swine (Jazzy and Gaiwan) that I would love her to meet. What is Ms.Newkirk's general stand on Hammies?? Pigs are such bright, alert and friendly creatures. We hope that you rescued Jazzy and Gaiwan since overpopulation of companion pigs has created a huge surplus that sanctuaries are trying their best to deal with. Like any animal kept as a companion, Hammies have basic needs that must be met, so it may not be a good idea to have a young child as the primary care taker and you certainly don’t want to leave a hamster in a school classroom where he might get forgotten over weekends or holidays. Ms Newkirk would love to meet your pigs.  
Can she stand a 16 hour day on the trapline and another 6 skinning and scraping coon. Well better yet just the skinning and scraping I would hate for her to have fun on the line with me and my young boys. Don't worry. Ms Newkirk won't find it fun to help you retrieve dead and injured wildlife, birds, stray dogs or feral cats from your trapline. Traps are so indiscriminate, sort of the animal equivalent of land mines. 16 hours sounds like a long time for young boys to be helping on a trapline. Maybe they'd like to play with someone their own age. Ms Newkirk will help you and she'll throw in tickets to a professional sporting event in your area for your kids so they can see what 99% of normal children do for fun.   
Hi, I would like to know why PETA worries about animals that are not in any harm and harasses people who treat their animals better than many people treat their children, instead of helping starving children and abused children, or the elderly in nursing homes. I work on an ambulance and if you only knew the horrible things that happen there. Do you even care? Because people come first and these elderly need your help are you willing to help them? Or is there not enough publicity in that? Were would the money that comes from this sell be going? That's great that you work ambulance. Thank you. I was a Los Angeles County Fire Fighter and ambulance attendant for 7 years and felt that it was extremely worthwhile work. It's a privilege to have the opportunity and skills to save another person's life. PETA's mandate is to help animals, so as an organization it does not take a stance on many of the other injustices you mention, although many PETA staff do volunteer work on these issues on their own time. Many people believe that old people, like animals in shelters, laboratories or farms, are treated well in nursing homes. You and I have been in the nursing homes and know that this is not true. PETA has been in the horrible shelters, animal labs and farms and can attest that the horrors of isolation, loneliness, deprivation and abuse are not unique to humans. The money from this auction will be going to further PETA’s work for animals.   
Will she go with me to a childrens hospital and explain to them why an animal is more important than making them better? To a sick child or his parents, nothing is more important than restored health. But trying to equate animal testing with improved health ignores the myriad failures of animal testing from approving dangerous medicines, such as Vioxx, HRT or Thalidomide, to missing out on promising treatments because they didn't work on animals, to wasting resources trying to create animal models of diseases that animals do not naturally get. Would you explain to a sick child that existing animal testing has failed him? A sick child needs care, love and attention, not adult explanations.   
would she be willing to help a trapper with a freezer full full of coyote hides. They need washing/ fleshing/ sewing and put on the stretchers for the fur market? thanks Yes. A trapper with a freezer full full of dead coyotes definitely needs help.  
Since I am buying her for the day, what can I not make her do. Here are a few things she will be doing.. 1. Paint my house. 2. Clean my garage 3. Skin my deers 4. Hunting 5. Fetch my ducks 6. Fishing Wow. Busy day! I doubt you'd be able to squeeze it all in but win the auction and you're welcome to try.  
Would she be willing to jump out of a cake at a party for Ted Nugent? Well, on second thought...wouldn't want to make Mr. Nugent or his family ill. Does Ms. Newkirk do windows? Ms Newkirk would do this but you don't want to make any sudden moves around the Nuge. You're entirely right that Mr Nugent and his family have enough problems already. Ms Newkirk used to do windows but now has an entire Information Technology department to do them for her.  
She would eat my all meat dinner, consisting of veal and various other delectables, would she not? Not.  
peta what does that mean i thought it meant, people eatting tastey animals is this right or is it slang

No, PETA spells more than 50% of its name correctly. 

would she carry my fishing tackle for the day. Yes. She'll also tell you about fish: that they are smart, interesting animals with their own unique personalities—just like the dogs and cats we share our homes with. Did you know that fish can learn to avoid nets by watching other fish in their group and that they can recognize individual shoal mates? Some fish gather information by eavesdropping on others, and some-such as a type of South African fish that lays eggs on leaves so that they can be carried to a safe place—even use tools. It will probably be enough for you to chuck your tackle!  
Will she help me paintball the rspca multi million pound head office and jags? Or can we get her to sign a contract to close peta down? Yes (not the paintball part though – sounds illegal). If you win this auction, Ms Newkirk will sign a contract to shut down PETA the instant that animal abuse and neglect ends! When there are no more animals languishing in laboratories, when elephants aren’t dragged around the country in circuses, when millions of fur bearing animals are no longer caged and anally electrocuted, when billions of chickens are no longer cruelly confined as meat and egg machines, and when all animals cease to be exploited, neglected and abused, PETA will have done its job and will shut down.  
How are you qualified to be the seller? You don't seem to have sold much before. Does the changing your ID from bobinseattle to petaprez4rent qualify you? Who gets the money from this auction bobinseattle or charity? All the proceeds from this auction go to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. A portion of your purchase price might qualify as a tax deductible donation. If so, PETA will work this out with the winner and give the winner a tax receipt for the legally deductible portion of the winning bid.  
We are have a PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) BBQ - what recipes can Ingrid bring and prepare? You’re in luck! Ms Newkirk is the author of two cookbooks: The Compassionate Cook, or Please Don’t Eat the Animals, and The PETA Celebrity Cook Book. Not only can Ms Newkirk bring recipes, but if you win this auction she will bring a vegan chef and everything you need for a tasty and compassionate BBQ. Remember – it’s never too late to go vegetarian – it will improve your health and disposition. You don’t have to be testy people eating animals all your lives!  
would she be willing to replace a cute little bunny-wunny in an animal testing lab with her not so cute self? After all she would be saving a bunny-wunny and I'm sure shes had shampoo in her eyes before Yes, she would, but shampoo is the least of the horrors that rabbits go through in product testing. Try battery acid, caustic soda, lye compounds, etc. in your eyes! Product tests on animals don’t contribute to product safety, they only serve to lessen liability for the manufacturer while cruelly killing thousands of animals. Ms Newkirk knows that tests on humans are valid for humans while tests on animals fail to catch harmful drugs such as Thalidomide, HRT, Vioxx and others.  
i am wondering what if i want her to keep her big mouth shut all day??? i dont want to hear her peta BS all day long. if i would bid its only on the agreement she is silent ALL DAY is this possible??? even when we go to the canners house for my weekly trip can she keep the mouth shut? I understand how you might be embarrassed or intimidated by a compassionate person commenting on your life and activities. Ms Newkirk can go your request one better: You win this auction and she will take your money, stay home and send you a life size inflatable doll.  
I have RESCUED rabbits from high kill shelters in Los Angeles (no one wanted these throw-a-ways; so I adopted them). Would she like to spend the day playing and even feeding them their oat hay and even sweeping out their large run (none of my rabbits are caged and yes, they are spay/neutered). They are great and of course, cute/smart/curious! Thank you so much for rescuing, spay/neutering, and providing exemplary care for rabbits in need! As you know, the shelter adoption rate for rabbits and other small mammals is terrible with most being euthanized or even fed alive to predators. Ms Newkirk would be pleased to help you care for your rabbits should you win this auction.  
Has she ever directly helped animals by doing activities such as volunteering at an animal shelter? Yes. Ms Newkirk served as a deputy sheriff; as a Maryland state law enforcement officer with the highest success rate in convicting animal abusers; director of cruelty investigations for the second oldest humane society in the U.S.; and Chief of Animal Disease Control for the Commission on Public Health in the District of Columbia. She has also volunteered at animal shelters.  
I'm considering to make a bid on the auction, but one thing bugs me. I have in the past sent an e-mail to her in the past [] with no response in sight over the past few weeks; if I were to bid on this auction would she be willing to listen to what I have to say or would my thoughts be exempted? It’s sad when you have to pay people to respond or listen to you but I’m afraid that’s the position you’re in. Obviously, what you are saying (or emailing) is so obtuse or offensive that either no one can understand it or people feel that it is better to -exempt your thoughts- than reply. Winning this auction may be the only way anyone will listen to you! Bid away.  
How does she feel about lice? I have an old horse that just got them. Would she be willing to pick them off by hand and relocate the lice? I'm just not sure what to do! I love my horse but lice are animals too you know? Lice can cause extreme discomfort to horses, cattle and people. Diseased or nutritionally stressed animals are more prone to have serious lice infestations, so be sure to check your horse’s general heath along with removing the lice. One wonders in a world in which every animal is ideally suited to its habitat and purpose what the possible purpose of lice or fleas or mosquitoes might be. However, it isn’t necessary to understand an animal’s purpose to allow them to live peacefully. Yes, Ms Newkirk would help you comb out your horse and relocate the lice.  
I help run a decent sized horse operation where I live. I was wondering if miss Newkirk would be will to help sow up pregnent mares, doctor three corner tears about 6 inches in size, cleaning the sheaths of stallions, mucking stalls and all the like. I also help to manage an outfitting operation in my spare time, Would miss Newkirk be willing to walk through the woods being as quiet as a door mouse and help us hunt elk and after we make the kill help us remove the entrails? It sounds like your horse operation might be indecently sized if you are not able to keep up with chores. A decent sized horse operation shouldn’t leave you much spare time to stalk unarmed elk. Horses need lots of attention. How about Ms Newkirk takes care of your horses while you and your hunting buddies continue your Chronic Wasting Disease research?  
You would have to pay me to stand within 10 feet of that lady. From 90% of Australia Sorry. The way an auction works, at least in the US, is that you will have to pay me for you to stand within 10 feet of Ms Newkirk.  
So, does this mean I can take her hunting, or have her working on my farm? Basically as long as it's not some form of illegal exploitation, like sex? Exactly. Nov-02-05
Would she be willing to help me field-dress a deer? Yes she would. But even more importantly, she’ll help you realize why you shouldn’t.  
Just curious if this is for real... I outfit for several hunting camps and we always need helpers for dressing, and quartering up of harvested animals. By the rules listed, I will not be the one that will have 'harmed' the animals, but the work cleaning them will fall to my workers. Is she up for the task, or, is this just a blow hard offer? It’s for real. Dressing and quartering dead animals is not Ms Newkirk’s idea of a great day, but it would be like heaven compared to what the -harvested animals- have been through. Put your money where your mouth is! Bid away.  
Will she gut my deer after I shoot it? After all, I'ts already dead! You have a deer that you haven't shot yet? What admirable restraint! Ms Newkirk would be delighted to meet one of these quiet and gentle creatures while alive and to help you appreciate wildlife rather than you trying to show that you are stronger than an unarmed vegetarian animal who runs from you. No animal is -already dead-, but if you've decided to kill one and can afford to have Ms Newkirk help you gut it – she’ll help!  
I was wondering if Ms. Newkirk would like to work, training American Pit Bull Terrier. I know she has such love for this breed. We have Grand Champion & Champion UKC dogs. We have a show in a couple weeks in South Florida. Ms Newkirk has a love for all animals particularly those unfortunate enough to be bred for fighting or show. It is sad that these animals are relentlessly bred while hundreds of thousands of other dogs are killed yearly in shelters. Ms Newkirk would be pleased to work with you to sterilize your dogs to help relieve this overpopulation crisis. Not only would she be pleased to help train your dogs, but she'll help train you as well. Please bid!  
How much is the reserve? We are having a witch burning in the near future. If we are successful Newkirk can go with the others....hell it is only one more stake. That's what everyone says: just one more steak. If you went vegetarian now, you would enjoy a myriad of health benefits, reduce animal suffering and maybe even think a bit more clearly.  
I don't know.. Her arms look kind of skinny. Can she muck out a stall to four inches deep and refill it with clean sand and shavings she moved herself (The manure and sand piles are 75 yards away, and all we have is a wheelbarrow)? Or just she just tell other people how they should do their work (That they are not doing a good enough job)? Ms Newkirk can muck with the best of them but she would never let an animal stand in four inches of muck. She'd muck it out and keep it clean before it got so disgusting. Would you like to stand in ankle deep muck (I guess that means urine and feces) until someone replaces it with clean sand and shavings? Bid for Ms. Newkirk's services and she can help you create a more humane system - maybe even move your sand pile closer to the stalls so you can take better care of your animals. Nov-01-05
Is this for real? Seems an unusual item for ebay. Cheers Hi. Perhaps it is a bit unusual but it is certainly for real. You can read PETA's media release here: Oct-31-05