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An Animal Activist Tells Her Story
By Judi Hewitt

For the last few years I have been very active in promoting a ban on hunting with dogs (in local press) in my North Wales, UK, area. I even had my picture taken with a rescued fox called Basil, to show the public that foxes are no different than their own pets, and that they should not be persecuted by hunters. (To enlarge the photo of Basil and Judi, click on the photo)

Basil is now ten years old, and thanks to caring Sheila Stewart has a place of refuge at her sanctuary. It should be stated that Basil was offered his freedom, but chose to stay!

When Basil was a tiny cub, he was taken to the sanctuary barely alive. Terriermen had dug his mother and siblings out of their earth, and baited them with dogs. Basil was the only survivor.

The fight to stop these hunters in Britain is far from over, but I believe it won't be too many more years before this kind of sick sport will be a thing of the past. All most of us can do is to keep putting pen to paper, in order to educate the public about the truth in hunting - exploding the myths that surround those who will use any excuse to continue their bloodlust.

Meanwhile, as animal rights people, we have a duty of care towards all defenseless animals, and there's no greater evil than live exports. It's a long hard struggle, but we are winning the battle against evil.

To the left is a photo of three rescued lambs, Bart, Molly and Charlie, we took to my sister's little sanctuary in Lincolnshire, England.  I hope to visit my sister and the lambs when Bob, my husband is next on holiday. (To enlarge the photo, click on the photo)

Bart is a real character, very mischievous! Charlie (female) needs lots of cuddles and Molly just goes with the flow - though her eyesight isn't too good, it was damaged when she was neglected and left for dead by the farmer. (To enlarge the photo of Judi and the lambs, click on the photo)

Pro-hunt farmers accused me of cruelty - WHY? For taking the lambs on a three hour journey by car.  "The farmers who complained are hypocrites."

This is a photo of Judi at a Blessing of the Animals at a local Baptist church. (To enlarge the blessing photo, click on the photo)  Rev. James Thompson, who sent us this photo, wrote, "Judi Hewitt is a truly lovely lady who has done more for the animal cause in North Wales than anyone else I know. Indeed, what is more, she is a wonderful living example of how a Vegan diet keeps one young. She is in her 59th year yet looks no more than 30!"

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