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1) How is your organization helping to save animals and species?

The ALF is not, in the true sense of the word, an "organization". It has no leaders, no official membership, and no money. It is closer to a philosophy contained on the ALF is on our one page of credo/guidelines here:

2) In your opinion, how much awareness do you think people need to know about endangered species or animals before they are ready to take action?

When most people see for themselves the pain and suffering of animals killed for food, they take action. Such as by watching this movie:

3) Many species are becoming endangered by deforestation, hunting, poaching, etc. Do you believe animal rights and laws are helping them or actually causing them to suffer?

Many laws are helping them. I don't know of any laws that increase their suffering.

4) How are ways the world can help stop the endangerment of species?

I don't know. I am not well-versed in endangered species issues. As I mentioned previously the ALF considers the value of a being's life to be based on its sentience, not on its quantity.

5) Do you believe zoos and parks are helping the animals?

They help most of the animals that are currently living at the zoo (although many elephants become psychotic due to boredom), but then they replace these animals with animals that would have been happier with freedom and happier doing the things they have instincts to want to do.

6) Do you believe people should start taking action now, even though many countries are in an economic crisis?

Most of the actions for animals don't cost money. Most, such as becoming veg*n, not buying fur, etc. can help the world economy. You can find many articles on this, such as: Practical/Health/ALbenefitsHR.htm

7) Is one person able to make a difference? If you could, what would you make happen?

Yes, one person can make a difference: Authors/Poetry/DifferenceHeMade.htm

If I could, I'd make everyone care about others.

8) Do you and your organization believe that we can prevent the endangerment of animals?

Yes, one animal at a time.

9) Many people have different opinions. Will animals survive anymore with all that has been done, such as the destruction of habitats?

It is possible mankind will destroy the earth. It is more likely man will wipe out himself and large land mammals, and that some animals will survive, even if it is in a different form.

10) Please tell me about your experiences in trying to prevent the endangerment of species and animal abuse.

I have been an underground animal rights activist for more than two decades. If I told you any more, I'd have to kill myself.


Thanks again.



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