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1. What is your occupation and for how long?

Chemist; about 2 decades.


2. What is the animal liberation front all about?

Our credo and guidelines are on this one page:

3. Why do scientists test on animals?

Most scientists work for large companies and the companies test on animals because they are inexpensive (sometimes free from animal shelters). The goal of a company is to make money.

Article on animal testing: It's cruel, it's wasteful, it delays progress. So Why Does It Continue?

4. If we do not test on animals then what should we test on?

See question 1/3 of the way down the page: Would drugs be safe for us without being tested first on animals?

and the following: If we don't use animals, what will we use?

5. Who/what do companies that do not test on animals test on?

7. What are altenatives to animal testing?

This page lists some common alternatives:

There are many, and they are easy to find. There is a website to inform about the development of alternative methods:

There is a new alternatives text available in over 100 world languages:

6. Is there anything out on the market that has been tested on animals that is safe for humans?

Each year drugs are foisted on the unsuspecting public that kill or harm thousands.

More information here:


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