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Inside the Bold New Animal Liberation Movement: No Masks, No Regrets, All the Risk

November 7, 2017

“We’re daring these industries to try us in the court of public
opinion and in the court of law.”


"When Julianne Perry first met the calf this summer, the animal was
lying listlessly in a wooden crate on top of narrow slats, caked in
her own dried diarrhea. Maggots crawled on her body. Just a few days
old, she was emaciated. As she tried to get up, her knees buckled. “We
could tell she was dangerously dehydrated,” Perry recalls. “We knew
she probably wouldn’t survive the night.”

"The calf’s condition, Perry says, was distressing. But perhaps even
more alarming was that her crate was just one among hundreds, lined up
in rows, all filled with calves.

"Perry is a member of animal rights activist group Direct Action
Everywhere (DxE). One late evening last July, she and eight other DxE
members had sneaked into a Land O’Lakes dairy supplier called
Zonneveld Dairies Inc. outside Fresno, California, to film and expose
the calves’ living conditions. Perry, a seasoned animal-welfare
activist, expected a dismal scene, but what she saw that night really
took her aback."

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