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How Many Feminists Dance Upon the Head of a Pin?

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition."
- Timothy Leary

Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine and one of the
most influential feminists in American history will be
the keynote speaker at Cedar Crest College in Allentown,
Pennsylvania next Thursday, June 7th. She will be
discussing the past history, present condition, and
future of the women's rights movement.

During the thirteenth century, philosophers, theologians,
and Middle Age standup comics challenged their audiences
by asking, "How many angels can fit on the head of a pin?"

Many readers took issue with a paragraph from an
Animal Rights Feminist column in which I wrote:

"The animal rights movement is fueled by women. The
woman represents the better half of humankind. She
combines a passion for change with the wisdom endowed
upon her gentle and powerful spirit to animal rights issues.
She runs things for the People for the Ethical Treatment
of animals (PETA), and she stands in the rain or snow
to protest laboratory research. She converts boyfriends
and husbands to her plant-based diet because that
creates balance to her universe and superior intellectual
perspective. Without the woman, there would be no animal
rights movement in America."

I was accused of manufacturing a myth. Readers argued
that men as well as women contribute equally to the
animal rights movement. I was accused of making a
non-scientific conclusion, based upon my own personal
anecdotal observations. There were, I was told, no
conclusive studies made of the gender of AR activists.

Last evening, I was skimming through back issues of
Hoard's Dairyman, the national dairy farm magazine.
Everybody needs a hobby. That's one of mine.

What percentage of AR activists are female? Hoard's
answered that question on page 11 of their June 1992
(Volume 137, number 11) edition. Reprinted as it
was written:

"Animal rights activists were profiled by Oregon State
University research reported by the pro-animal organization
'Putting People First.' Researchers found that the
animal activists were 78 percent female as compared with
51 percent of the general population; 82 percent are
college educated as compared with 32 percent of the
general population; 40 percent have yearly incomes over
$50,000 as compared with 5% of the general population;
97 percent are white (nonwhites were 3.1 percent compared
to 17 percent of the population); 98 percent are
environmental extremists; 83 percent are opposed to war;
83 percent are feminists; 58% are interested in gay
liberation; 71 percent have no children; 89 percent have an
average of nearly 5 pets each."

How many Animal Rights angels danced atop each feather
of every bird's wing from the 10,300 chickens slaughtered
in America during the six seconds that it took you to
read this final paragraph?

Robert Cohen

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