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I see what you are saying somewhat, but the reasoning is pitbulls suffer so if they were not born they would not suffer. Lets apply that to humans past. I think it is a relatively safe statement to say black people suffered when they were slaves. Should they have stopped bearing children because they suffered at the hands of many barbaric white people? Obviously this statement is a bit nuts. I just can't help seeing pitbulls like that. I personally have never owned a pitbull but I have worked in a vet's office (reception/assistance to doctor/general caretaker of animals nonmedical) many of the pits brought in were not viscious and did not bear signs of fighting. Also many of these dogs are feared due to a jaw locking ability they have which is a charachteristic from most likely caused from inbreeding originally. Many of these dogs are harmless freindly creatures which didn't even need a muzzle for injections. To hate them particularly because their owners are s o b s is just hard for me to swallow. It smacks of bias in some ways.


As a black man, I appreciate a good analogy to our past.

But some differences are worth mentioning. In the 1860's, the folks that were in favor of maintaining slavery didn't argue black men were a dangerous threat to anyone. But pit bulls are, as are cute baby tigers, rattlesnakes, and automatic weapons.

Also, blacks did not rely on a loving home for care, so there was no "natural limit" to our quantity. We didn't replace other races.

Pit bulls essentially replace other dogs: there should be only as many domestic dogs as there are loving homes for them to reside. Think of it as replacing every pit bull in a loving home with a cocker spaniel. It would be like replacing all pet rattlesnakes with garter snakes. If the rattlesnake guardian feels the thrill is gone, maybe they have it for the wrong reason.
Banning pit bulls won't stop dog fighters, just as outlawing automatic weapons won't keep criminals from having them. But it may lesson the number of tragic accidents that befall naive gun and pit bull owners.

I'm in favor of a ban on breeding any more pit bulls.

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