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Some guidelines that might help new vegetarians:

1. Nobody is perfect. Count the good you do when you don't eat meat, and don't beat yourself up if you eat meat occasionally.

2. Watch videos like "Meet Your Meat", even though they are hard to watch, and it will make being vegetarian easy.

3. If your goal is to help animals, it is better to convince three people to cut out half their meat, than it is to be a complete vegan yourself. That means that it is important not to alienate people. If somebody serves you a hamburger, or gives you a leather belt, etc. -- throwing it out doesn't save an animal. And if you spend money to buy something to replace it, that is money that could have been used by an animal shelter. So it was a bad choice for animals, and showed somebody that being vegan is not fun, so they won't go there.

This logic is what separates "compassionate vegetarians" from dictionary vegetarians. Compassionate vegetarians might eat road kill, then send the money they saved on the meal to a no-kill animal shelter. Never worry if people who don't understand the difference between these two types of vegetarians call you a hypocrite. Use the opportunity to enlighten them.

I mention this because too many AR vegetarians and vegans are guilty of getting on a moral high horse and losing site of the goal.

Most of these topics are discussed in detail in the various FAQs on the website.

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