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Human ancestors and meat

They're only semi-refutable. A diet high in red meat was not likely what our ancestors ate. But they did eat meat when they could, just like other non-human primates do, probably primarily from scavenging, and it likely did result in a big jump in brain size from the increase of usable protein. Utilization of fire to cook meat (which helps kill any germs from rotting meat or saliva from other animals) also seems to correlate with the increase in brain size if I remember correctly. But they did not eat meat 3 meals a day, 7 days a week - likely, only a few times a week (and it does mention elsewhere in this campaign that a healthy diet includes eating lean meat three to four times a week - which is not much considering it's three meals out of 21). HOWEVER, it is not necessary to eat meat to acquire adequate protein and most westerners tend to over-consume. And as I vegetarian, which I am, there are plenty of vegetable sources of protein which were more likely to have been our primary source throughout history (broad molars are good for grinding nuts as well as meat!)


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