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My friends are going to the circus, what should I do?

A guy i work with has about 40 tickets for a circus that just set up in town. He offered them around (not to me of course), and is trying to give them away...

I asked him for all 40, but it did not take him long to figure out that they would end up in my fireplace!

He could not care less about AR. Any suggestions on arguments I could use?


What I'm about to suggest depends entirely on the personality of the person.

Here are my assumptions:

1. He wants to make friends, be a good guy, and that is why he is giving away tickets, and that is why he will ignore your attempts to talk about the evil circus.

2. Otherwise, he's a reasonable guy.

Trying to tell him he should not go or promote the circus will not accomplish anything.

Tell him you want him to go and do you a big favor (he wants to be a good guy). Tell him you want him to "spy" for you. You want him to see if there are any signs of abuse or if the animals look happy.

He won't know what you mean, exactly, so direct him here: 

He'll learn a lot, maybe pass it on, maybe turn the corner and become an activist. Because he wants to be a good guy (and not argumentative) he'll probably WANT to report that he found something, and he'll look hard.

Just one idea.

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