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"Let Me Out" (Animal Liberation Front song) by D.C. Blackbird

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In 2001, transsexual activist, sex worker, and performance artist Mirha-Soleil Ross was elected Grand Marshal for Toronto's annual LGBT Pride Parade. This was done in recognition of her hard work on behalf of the transsexual, transgender, and sex worker communities. Dressed as the Lady of the Beasts, she emerged from the deep urban woods with her pack of coyotes to lead a performance celebrating the actions and victories of the underground Animal Liberation Front and to show support for all the courageous activists who every year risk their freedom to liberate animals from places of exploitation and abuse. Listen to an engaging interview with Mirha-Soleil talking about the event on Animal Voices at:  For more information about imprisoned Animal Liberation Front activists and ways to support them:

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1st half of a split film: see also the last part!

I think that we as Americans are going to begin experiencing what the rest of the world has been experiencing for the last 20-30-40 years. When that happens, of course the government doesn't want to risk popular uprising. They don't want to risk that there will already be mechanisms in place for people to make change. They don't want to risk that there will be people already prepared to fight back against the crackdown that's sure to come once resources get scarce. And so I'd certainly say that the Patriot Act, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, all the other recent anti-terrorist legislation we've seen is meant more to control the civilian population of the United States than to attack "muslim extremism". -Josh Harper\line\line DL this and other films (bittorrent):

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2nd half

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The ALF in an investigative report


PETA / ALF on the spot

Libertacio Animal
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Animal Liberation Front
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animal liberation now - positive mention


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