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Belarus Dog Shelter

We are non-official animal protectors volunteers from Belarus. We are mostly from Minsk. We struggling for abandoned dogs damaged dogs and dogs in hard live conditions. The are several organizations for animal protection, but they are low-people and not very active because of government financing absence. Our non-official group of volunteers rent a house in willage (20 km far away from Minsk) for adult dogs. We created a simple facilities for them, feed them and play with them. We can take in only a 15adult dogs at the same time. The Dogs house in Minsk can take in about 20 dogs. A lot of dogs in temporary conditions (kind people take in them in their flats for a short time) during we publicize them to find a new masters for them. Of course, there is some amount of damaged dogs (with 3 legs, for example). Almost nobody wants to take these dogs. We keep friendship with an official animal protection organization Egida .Our dogs houses are also presented at their site:  and . We don't get any money from Egida, we buy a medicines, sterilization, food, veterinary visits and gasoline from our own pockets. We visit dogs every day as a shifts.

Now we have collected a small piece of money and going to found a new big shelter in a big farmstead area to keep more than50 unfortunate dogs during we will be looking for a new masters for them. We are going to create the conditions in existing old house for dogs, also to built 10 heated aviaries, hedge an area and employ a special employee to live there all the time and look after the dogs. More than 50 dogs will get a temporary house and chance! This allow us to combine all the volunteers of two Dogs Houses in the same place. Of course, we will continue to visit and to look after and to present our dogs every day to find a new masters.

Now we are looking for a sponsor for our idea. This is because of bad economical conditions here in Belarus and recent US dollar fall. Our average salaries are between 150 and 400 US dollars. But, nevertheless we are going to create a proper, good conditions for our dogs. We need some money to buy a construction materials, aviaries materials. There will be a big area for dogs and a were big work! We are going to do most of work by own forces, but we also will be forced to hire some professional workers for a short time. Also we will give all the proofs and receipts, no one penny will go out of Dogs House!

Please, If you could sponsor us or advices somebody as a sponsor, Just let us know.

Also if you need any more detailed information, we will answer as soon as we can.

Yours faithfully

Animal protectors group from Minsk, Belarus

P. S. My name is Andrei Khveras

I have also an ICQ account: 229-507-907

And Skype account: tenety

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