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Armenia Commits Its Own Genocide

What kind of a monster can shoot a friendly dog sitting, minding his own business, not harming anyone, in the back?

Folks, for those who are not aware, Armenia, the former Soviet state and now an independent country for 24 years, has become one of the worst nations on the planet to commit animal cruelty BY GOVERNMENT POLICY. Unlike Korea, China and other nations where the government simply does not enforce animal cruelty laws and does not itself kill animals, Armenia actually condones, encourages and issues government contracts to kill friendly dogs by hiring politically connected friends and relatives to shoot as many as possible, solely for the purpose of giving unnecessary jobs to associates participating in the corruption based economy. I am ashamed to reveal this truth as I am an Armenian. My grandfather was a victim of the Turkish genocide. I will not stand by and permit Armenia to commit its own genocide. The picture you see is of a killer hired by the Armenian Government to shoot friendly street dogs. This is a crime against humanity as dogs are humans' best friends.

Please contact the US Aid office in Washington DC once more this year, as hundreds did last year, at [email protected] or call them at 202-712-4810 and ask that financial support to Armenia be reduced even more than it was last year. Last year we put out an email request to the world by starting this thread internationally to over 10,000 on our email list, and many of whom forwarded our email to their contacts, which resulted in hundreds of calls, and the US State Dept CUT FOREIGN AID TO ARMENIA BY 19%. That's progress for dogs in a country whose leaders have no conscience, who jail their opposition, who operate an economic and governmental system of corruption, who believe that shooting friendly street dogs is acceptable.

That's why Armenia has no friends in this world of nations other than Russia. That's why Senator Obama blatantly lied to Armenians that he would support recognition of the Armenian genocide by Turkey but as President did the opposite. Let's let Armenian leaders know that the world knows and that the world will continue to keep Armenia in the dark ages if they continue to behave like monsters. If Armenian politicians and leaders do not start behaving within the norms of the rest of the civilized world, we will next urge the US to cut off ALL economic aid to Armenia. After all, Turkey, who committed the genocide against Armenians, has become a semi-humane nation with laws protecting animals, operating municipal shelters (albeit horribly operated as with all municipal shelters), and a federal law banning the killing of street dogs. Armenia MUST at least equal Turkey's social and economic practices before it can be considered seriously by the United States.

Armenia has no laws protecting animals, and was rated to be the 120th MOST CORRUPT (Political lingo: LEAST TRANSPARENT) nation on the planet, out of approximately 180 nations. Turkey was rated as the 60th most corrupt, so Armenia is twice as corrupt as Turkey. Since corruption is the enemy of the Armenian nation and people, many of Armenia's politicians and leaders are the enemies of Armenia and the Armenian people.

How ironic that Armenia, who claims to be a victim of genocide, itself commits genocide. No wonder the whole world looks down at Armenia the nation HOWEVER Armenians OUTSIDE of Armenia are respected worldwide for being honest, peaceful, successful job creators.
To see the 3,000 year old reputation of the second oldest nation on the planet get destroyed by its modern day leaders is unacceptable to the Armenian people. Armenia MUST end the corruption and MUST end the governmental killing of street dogs.
Those serving in the Armenian government should not underestimate the power and influence of those of us who demand basic norms of decency for animals in EVERY nation, much less our own.

Garo Alexanian
Companion Animal NetworkTV

Companion Animal Network (C.A.N.) was the force behind the creation of the NYC Animal Care and Control and subsequently founded the nation's first surrender prevention program, and the nation's first low cost veterinary clinic for limited income pet parents. C.A.N. has been acknowledged by the New York City Council in Resolution #985 for its efforts to bring improvements to the animal control services of New York City. C.A.N. has advised, among other municipalities, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, New York State Senator Frank Padavan, and numerous other public officials on animal control policies. C.A.N. has been honored in New Orleans for its post Hurricane Katrina support programs for Louisiana municipal animal pounds

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