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Armenia: Animal Rights Activists Plan Suit Against New Yerevan Dolphinarium


A group of Armenian non-governmental organizations is planning to file
a lawsuit against a recently opened Yerevan dolphinarium, asserting
that the center's seven marine mammals are subject to abuse. The
dolphinarium's management, which promotes the facility as a 'world of
water miracles,' denies abuse accusations.

'This is a prison for animals, an exploitative circus, and we will not
give up our fight,' asserted Silva Adamian, the chairperson of the
Ecological Alliance, a group comprising 50 environmental, human rights
non-governmental organizations, and the opposition Heritage Party. The
alliance opposes the Nemo dolphinarium's operations. Efforts to review
the Ukrainian-built center's license to import dolphins into Armenia,
or the license to construct the building, have so far been
unsuccessful, she said. 'We are going to bring a lawsuit soon and we
will go to international courts,' she said.

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