Selected articles from Arkangel No.8
Summer 1992



by Badger

Image, is all the general public seem to be concerned with. What other reason would there be for their ceaseless appetite for game shows full of happy middle-class people and colourful commercials proclaiming the goodness of the animal abusing multinational companies? Witness the success of burger chain adverts and the immorality of "We are lucky cows" from a well known butter commercial.

People do not want to see the truth behind the gloss that is modern life. The animal rights movement has to address the problem of image, if it is ever to succeed in bringing about animal liberation.

When people watch demonstrations on television, all they see are what they perceive to be hippies with nothing better to do. They see a scruffy mass who are inconsistent in their beliefs. I was at a demo recently and had the misfortune to be behind a group of students who were all patting themselves on the back for, as they saw it, saving the world. I then watched these same students once back at the rally tucking into their cheese and egg sandwiches. They were as much a part of the systematic abuse and torture of animals as the people who were calling them hippies.

Vegans in the movement need to lead by example and be intelligent, thoughtful and enthusiastic about what they say and about how they put themselves across.

Why do so many people in the movement have to be so damn dull and depressing to talk to? Show people they can change if only they put their minds to it, be friendly and outgoing and people will warm to you and only then will they start to listen and see the person inside and not be blinded by their own bigotry !

I realise the subject matter of our cause is horrific and does depress the mind, but if we convey only this image we will just switch people off. We need to educate others in the truth behind the mask of contented farm animals and show them the real life horror that is the vivisection laboratory.

Who do the public see as the intellectual "leaders" of the animal rights movement? Is it caring people who look after unwanted animals in sanctuaries or others who risk imprisonment in trying to liberate animals and damage the animal abuse industry? No I don't think it is, I think they believe the "leaders" who only come out of the woodwork now and again to condemn the latest act of sabotage committed by "misguided people who are damaging the movement", why do the public believe these people, it isn't because they have digested the facts and made a well informed judgement, the only thing that they have considered is the image being conveyed to them through the media. They see a nice cosy man or woman who is no threat to their immoral lifestyles.

To have any hope of reaching these people, we must change our method of presentation to one which they can relate to.

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