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Gangs at War Against Animal Rights Advocates

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Documentary Exposes U.S. Government's War on Animal Rights "Terrorists" A half hour Participant Media documentary narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal exposes the U.S. government's tyrannical effort to intimidate and silence animal rights activists 16/02
Are Animal Rights Activists Really Terrorists? // Invasion of the Movement Snatchers   15/3
White People Aren't Called Terrorists Unless They Liberate Animals, Apparently   15/2
Businesses don't live in fear of animal rights activists. Why charge them as terrorists?   15/2
Eric McDavid Released from Prison after 9 years! The defense said that the authorities had withheld evidence that could have bolstered his case at trial. 15/1
Lobbyist: 'Win Ugly or Lose Pretty' Richard Berman, a political consultant, said oil and gas industry officials need to exploit emotions 14/11
4 People Prosecuted Under AgGag Law For Photographing Factory Farm From The Road   14/10
Ag-Gag Laws Are Un-American and Unconstitutional   14/07
Who Gets on the FBI�s Most Wanted List? Daniel Andreas San Diego was added to the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorists" watch list. 14/04
Why Did the FBI label Dissertation on AR a Threat to National Security? The FBI claims Ryan Shapiro's dissertation research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would "irreparably damage national security." 14/03
Ridding Idaho of Repulsive Otters Idaho passes AgGag law 14/03
AETA Update, Feb 2014 Rachel Meeropol asked the First Circuit Court of Appeals to strike down the AETA as a violation of the First Amendment. 14/02
Not Impressed With the ALF: An Opposing Viewpoint I'm targeting the fools who run under the banner of the so-called Animal Liberation Front (ALF) 13/12
FBI Raids San Diego House Over Mink Farm Raids First known house raid in connection with last summer's Animal Liberation Front fur farm campaign. 13/12
Meet the Punk Rocker Who Can Liberate Your FBI File Ryan Shapiro's technique is so effective at unburying sensitive documents, the feds are asking the courts to stop him 13/11
FBI Refuses Animal Rights Information Requests The FBI is refusing to respond to Freedom of Info Act requests submitted by ARA Ryan Shapiro, claiming that the release of the infor could hamper their ability to fight domestic terrorism. 13/11
Can We Stop Labeling Animal Activists as Terrorists? The N.Y. City Bar Assoc. withdrew a resolution submitted to the American Bar Assoc. that urged Congress to repeal the AETA 13/08
Anti-Protest Law Passes Nearly Unanimously If the government wants to shut down a protest, they can start putting people in jail for a year or more. 13/08
American Bar Association vs. AETA American Bar Association to vote on animal activist law 13/08
AETA Rebrands Constitutionally Protected Behavior as Terrorism The Center for Constitutional Rights challenges the constitutionality of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) 13/07
Agriculture's Misnamed Agency There is a unit within the Agriculture Department called Wildlife Services. The agency's real mission? To make life safer for livestock and game species. 13/07
Photographer Jailed After Taking Aerial Pics of Cattle Feedlot A world-renowned National Geographic photographer was arrested on June 28th after paragliding over a Kansas cattle feedlot to take photos. 13/07
Leaked Documents Show Fed's Wildlife Abuse Went Unpunished The feds tried to cover up wildlife abuse and torture. Now it's time to demand change. 13/07
How undercover animal rights activists are winning the Ag-Gag war Behind the scenes of the death match between big agriculture and animal-rights supporters 13/05
The Terrible Price of Ag-Gag Laws Rather than shutting observers out of slaughterhouses, we should open the doors even wider 13/05
"Ag-Gag" Not Just About Animal Welfare There are three basic flavors of ag-gag laws, and many states have introduced measures that include more than one. 13/05
Ag-gag Law in Utah Enforced A woman who filmed a Draper slaughterhouse with her cellphone has been charged with violating the state's "ag gag" law 13/04
Ag-gag editorial in April 27, 2013 Post Cruelty to farm animals demands exposure 13/04
Troubled slaughter: Big Ag fights to keep out prying eyes Undercover investigations into abuses and rules violations on factory farms, and publicized what they've documented to lobby for change. 13/04
AgGag bills attempt to stifle truth in animal cruelty On October 19, 2011, the world learned of a Lincolnshire man who'd been caught on film beating a terrified dog. 13/04
North Carolina joins rush to protect animal abusers Ronnie Jacobs last week became the fifth Butterball employee to plead guilty to cruelty-to-animals charges. 13/04
Taping of Farm Cruelty Is Becoming the Crime On one covert video, farm workers illegally burn the ankles of Tennessee walking horses with chemicals. 13/04
Open the Slaughterhouses - Op-Ed. IN 1999, as a writer for The American Prospect, I went into a slaughterhouse undercover, with the help of some rebellious employees. 13/04
Undercover Activist Details Secret Filming of Animal Abuse & Why "Ag-Gag" Laws May Force Him to Stop An animal rights investigator details how he has spent over a decade secretly filming animal abuse and why that work is now imperiled by a wave of laws sweeping the country. 13/04
Some states make filming of farm-animal abuse a crime On one covert video, farm workers illegally burn the ankles of Tennessee walking horses with chemicals 13/04
Livestock abuse: The peril of 'ag-gag' bills California AB 343 is one of a crop of disturbing "ag-gag" bills being introduced across the country. 13/03
Business lobby moves to criminalize filming animal abuse on factory farms Bills being shopped in six states by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) would make it a crime to film animal abuse at factory farms 13/03
Videotaping ban targets ARAs Bassist Tony Kanal of the group No Doubt is lobbying against a bill moving through the Indiana General Assembly that would ban videotaping at Indiana farms and factories. 13/03
U.S. Ag-Gag Laws "Sinister" Say Leading Academics Leading academics have branded United States "Ag-gag" laws as "sinister" 13/03
Judge releases ARA accused of soliciting hit man to kill fur-wearer An ARA who was accused of soliciting a hit man to kill someone wearing fur is too mentally ill to stand trial. 13/02
States seek "ag-gag" laws to silence farm whistleblowers Laws specifically target whistleblowers and reporters revealing animal cruelty and poor conditions in factory farms 13/02
Supreme Court blocks challenge to anti-terrorism law Court's conservatives deny the right to challenge the law because of the fear of future surveillance or the costs of guarding against it. 13/02
Who Is Tailing You?   Colorado ARAs find GPS tracking devices underneath their cars  13/02
Expose Food Abuses - Face Terrorism Indictment? The most effective way to keep American citizens silent and under control is through fear. 13/01
Reporting Factory Farm Abuses to be Considered "Act of Terrorism" If New Laws Pass Three states are the latest states to introduce Ag-Gag laws and lawmakers in 10 other states introduced similar bills in 2011-2012. 13/01
Southern California FBI Alert The FBI showed up at an activist's home in Los Angeles in the early afternoon on January 2nd, 2013 13/01
How the Government Can Still Get Your Digital Data There are plenty of legal ways for law enforcement to snoop on the digital trails you create every day. 12/12
Stratfor emails: FBI had a 'classified investigation' open on PETA The FBI conducted a top-secret investigation into the People for Ethical Treatment for Animals according to the Stratfor intelligence agency 12/11
AL Activist Jonathan Paul on the Grand Jury Process as a Tool of State Repression Paul recounts his experience and sheds light on the coercive process that is now being used against the Northwest Grand Jury resisters. 12/11
Rick Berman: The Confidence Man, Unmasked, and Asked to Answer to the IRS Richard Berman finds himself exposed as a black bag artist for hire, a man who has made a hefty gain attacking charities, including The HSUS, on behalf of his industry patrons. 12/11
How The Pursuit Of Animal Liberation Activists Became Among The FBI's 'Highest Domestic Terrorism Priorities' On January 16, 2006, two federal agents pulled off of Oregon's Route 66 and onto a dirt road in the Southern Cascades, 12/10
Activist Alert - Southern California local activists are still being visited by federal agents in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County Area 12/10
Leaked Document: ALF-Prevention And Security Manual For Fur Farms Animal Liberation Frontline obtains closely-guarded fur farmer security guide 12/10
How Easy is it To Become an Animal Terrorist? AETA was lobbied for by a number of agribusinesses that have a financial stake in the continued exploitation of animals 12/9
AETA: U.S. Asks Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Against 2006 Law The federal government asked a judge Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of ARAs who say a rarely used 2006 law has a chilling effect on lawful protest activities. 12/8
Activist Alert, California USA A woman or couple who may be posing as animal rights activists 12/8
Romney's Obsession with Environmental Terrorists When Mitt ran the Salt Lake City Olympics, he said he feared animal rights terrorists more than al-Qaida 12/7
Florida Law Enforcement Storms Activist's Home Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents stormed the residence of Camille Marino seeking evidence to substantiate felony indictments under Florida State Statutes 12/6
Agriculture gag laws are violating press freedom in the US Measures to penalise investigative reporters who expose conditions in industrial agriculture are a threat to democracy 12/6
AMP Exposed Using Fake AR Twitter Account Notorious pro-vivisection group Americans for Medical Progress is exposed using '@Vegwashington' 12/6
Fur Farmers Release Guide to Preparing for ALF Raid The Fur Commission USA is distributing a two-page document titled 'Trespass Season Is Coming. Are You Ready?' 12/6
FBI Domestic Terrorism Training on Anarchism Newly released FBI presentations show the flawed and misleading information the government is using to train agents 12/5
More "Homeland Security" Repression Against Activists Canadians Join in to Copy Cellphones, Cameras, Computers 12/5
How the FBI Monitored Crusty Punks, 'Anarchist Hangouts,' and an Organic Farmers' Market Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism The FBI conducted a three-year investigation, dubbed "Seizing Thunder," into a animal-rights and environmental "terrorists" in the Pacific Northwest that devolved into widespread--and seemingly pointless--surveillance 12/3
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the Suppression of Free Speech JURIST Guest Columnist Kimberly White argues that AETA is unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment 12/3
Bill in Iowa Threatens Animal Welfare, Human Health, and Civil Liberties As you read this, one of the biggest threats to human health, animal welfare, and free speech is unfolding in Iowa. 12/3
Crackdown on Anti-Corporate Dissent: AR Movement During the past 3 years, police and the Crown Prosecution Service have launched a new campaign against anti-corporate AR campaigns across the UK. 12/2
One Year in Prison for "Handing Out Pamphlets" FREE ROBERT GREEN - one year in prison for 'handing out pamphlets' 12/2
Animal welfare activists facing international state persecution Florida's Legislature dropped a provision which would have made it a crime to photograph agricultural facilities without the owner's consent. 12/2
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Threatens Activism It may come as a shock to most people to learn of potential terrorism charges for investigators who, at worst, have trespassed or rescued a few injured animals. 12/2
The FBI and Federal Prosecutors Say My Journalism Is "Extremist" "Of more serious concern is the fact uncovered by the FBI" that Jordan Halliday was mentioned in a photo caption on this website, they said. 12/01
FBI spies on prisoner advocates Spying, mass surveillance and data collection leave no peaceful human or Earth rights defender behind according to new Freedom Of Information documents 12/01
Animal-Rights Activists Like Me Aren't Terrorists I was three weeks away from taking the Law School Admissions Test in 2004 when I was arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. 12/01
Why You Can Be Branded a Terrorist for Fighting Animal Abuse Five longtime activists are challenging a federal law that defines a wide spectrum of peaceful -- and in some cases, otherwise lawful -- animal rights activism as acts of terrorism. 12/01
FBI tracking videotapers as terrorists? The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force has recommended for many years that animal activists who carry out undercover investigations on farms could be prosecuted as domestic terrorists. 11/12
When Protesting Is Terrorism The law concerning animal rights protest is too broad, protecting commercial interests and making terrorists out of people who want to voice concerns. 11/12
CCR challenges the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act as a Violation of Free Speech Last week, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a complaint challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act as a violation of free speech. 11/12
'Ag Gag': Why Whistleblower Suppression Laws Are A Bad Idea These whistleblower suppression laws would make it a crime to save human beings from dying from contaminated meat, criminalize video investigations that led to employer indictments for worker safety violations, violations of civil rights and sexual harassment laws, and more. 11/12
Lawsuit challenges animal enterprise terror law as unconstitutional Attorneys with the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit Thursday in Massachusetts challenging the constitutionality of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act 11/12
Feds Seek Activist For Alleged Terrorist Acts The FBI is hoping to receive information leading to the arrests offour alleged eco-terrorists 11/12
Charges withdrawn against Suffolk animal activist Charges have been withdrawn against an animal rights advocate accused of animal cruelty after 13 cats were seized from her home in May. 11/12
"Ag Gag" Bill Reintroduced in Florida, as Animal Activist Faces Felony for Photography Florida Senator Jim Norman wants to stop activists from exposing factory farms. 11/12
The AETA Sets an Unusual Standard for Crime Demonstrators could now earn a sentence in federal prison if the target of their attention felt threatened, regardless of the protesters' actual intention. 11/09
Is Green the New Red? Thinking About Political Repression Today 'While corporations and the state have certainly targeted activists as 'eco-terrorists,' too many other populations have also been targeted....' 11/09
FBI Offers Informant Deal to Former ARA A woman was arrested recently by state police on a non-activist charge and received a jail visit -- from the FBI. They promised a "deal". 11/09
CSIS, like FBI, focuses on AR, not the real terrorists Canadians stunned at inclusion in confessed killer's anti-Islam diatribe 11/07
Green is the New Red - Interview The term "eco-terrorist" was pioneered by a conservative anti-environmentalist named Ron Arnold, who helped convince government officials that members of groups like Earth First!, Earth Liberation Front, and Animal Liberation Front, were on par with Al Qaeda 11/07
Government and Animal Rights Government's serving mainly corporate and institutional interests over human and nonhuman animals' interests causes suffering, threatens civilization and all life. 11/07
Repression is Escalating in the USA The Federal Bureau of Investigation is giving significant new powers to its roughly 14,000 agents 11/06
Terrorists Photographing Farms Who knew? I am a domestic terrorist for taking pictures of farms 11/05
Why Does the Govt. Treat Peaceful Enviro Activists More Harshly Than Extremists Who Aim to Kill? Will Potter explores how environmental and animal rights activists concerned with civil disobedience and property destruction are labeled domestic terrorists. 11/05
Green Is the New Red: The Crackdown on Environmental Activists In 2002, Will Potter, a newspaper reporter at the Chicago Tribune, heard three heavy knocks on his apartment door. When he opened it, two FBI agents flashed their badges. 11/05
Battle Brews Over FBI's Warrantless GPS Tracking Kathy Thomas knew she was under surveillance. 11/05
FBI Seeking Informants in Florida two reports this week of the FBI / police in Florida seeking informants to provide intelligence on the local animal rights movement. 11/05
Interview with MFA's Nathan Runkle about bills to outlaw undercover farm investigations   11/04
EU Terrorism Report Warns of Animal Rights Activists Who Create Undercover Videos The latest report on international terrorism by EUROPOL describes animal right activists and environmentalists as 'terrorists,' and warns that their tactics include undercover investigations and 'images of sick and abused animals.' 11/04
States Look to Ban Efforts to Reveal Farm Abuse Undercover videos showing images of sick or injured livestock have become a tool of animal rights organizations to expose consider illegal or inhumane treatment of animals. 11/04
ARA's Face Harsh Unconstitutional Consequences Others Don't Terrorism act muzzles AR movement. Free speech and civil liberties - key tenets of the US Constitution - have been severely curtailed by harsh legislation against ARAs engaging in non-violent protest 11/02
Tell Congresspersons to vote NO on the Patriot Act Tell your Congressperson to vote NO to the PATRIOT Act before tomorrow's vote! 11/02
Police Disinformation on UK Indymedia Cops on Indymedia - An Expose 11/01
Scare Tactics and Fishing Expeditions: A Response to Government Intimidation REWARDS up to $2000 for each for information leading to the arrest of known criminals and subversive group activity 11/01
The Accidental Terrorist Wanted for terrorism, though Rubin -- aliases 'Kara' and 'Little Missy' -- has never harmed a soul. 11/01
FBI Continues its History of Thwarting Peaceful Social Progress FBI File Reveals Discussion of Discrediting Animal Rights Activists by 'Planting Rumors' 10/12
Should Home Protests Be Outlawed? The Washington, D.C. city council has approved a bill that allows police to arrest activists who are non-violently demonstrating in front of someone's home if they have not notified the police, if the protest takes place at night, or if they wear masks. 10/12
FBI Rewards Silence In Iowa A.L.F. Investigation FBI attempts to bribe a man in the Iowa A.L.F. investigation with a $50 gift card. 10/11
Leaked Newsletters Reveal Spying on Animal Rights Activists Read copies of secretive newsletter: "Extremist Watch", published for animal researchers and law enforcement 10/11
Cost of Grand Jury Resistance 14 peace activists from the Midwest had their homes raided 10/10
Pembroke Pines Cop Caught Mooning ARAs ARA mooned by cop while protesting the controversial South Florida research facility Sunday afternoon. 10/10
Raids on Activists May Indicate FBI Abuse of Power On the heels of a series of FBI raids on anti-war activists, an FBI whistleblower and constitutional rights groups are calling out the agency for overstepping its bounds. 10/10
America is Under Attack

-From Bush
-From Obama
-From the FBI

Grand Jury Targets Activists in Connection with AETA More on Feldman and DeMuth 10/9
War On Dissent

The war on dissent, rather than terrorism, continued full steam with FBI SWAT teams breaking down doors

FBI investigated Greenpeace and AR groups after 9/11 The FBI improperly opened investigations into animal rights groups after the September 11 attacks of 2001, the US government has admitted. 10/09
'Little Basis' for Probes of Animal Rights Groups The IG found there was "little or no basis" for the terror investigations, and that they were "unreasonable and inconsistent with FBI policy." 10/09
Are So-Called 'Eco-Terrorists' Falsely Prosecuted? by John Robbins 10/09
Pentagon Rebrands Protest as "Low-Level Terrorism" Pentagon securocrats never miss an opportunity to demonize, vilify or otherwise slander domestic political dissent as "terrorism." 10/09
Secret Conference on 'Animal Rights Extremists' Private security firm holds secretive conference on 'animal rights extremists', a leaked document reveals 10/09
Patriot Act Used Against Activists Under the Patriot Act's vague language, government has been prosecuting mainly left-wing activists as "terrorists." 10/09
FBI Still Hunting for Rebecca J. Rubin Thirteen years after allegedly committing radical acts of ecoterrorism, the FBI is still on the hunt for Rebecca J. Rubin. 10/09
Grand Jury Resister Faces More Time than Animal Liberationists A Utah animal rights activist who resisted a federal grand jury is now facing even more prison time than those he was brought to testify against. 10/09
Democracy Now Covers Rod Coronado's Arrest Democracy Now (DN) broadcast consists of an interview with Dean Kuipers, an editor at the Los Angeles Times and author of "Operation Bite Back: Rod Coronado's War to Save American Wilderness. 10/09
Surge of government repression: FBI visits, warrants, more. A roundup of recent FBI visits, subpoenas, and other government assaults on the animal liberation movement in August: 10/08
Facebook "Friending" Lands Coronado in Prison Rod Coronado finds himself in federal prison for becoming a 'friend' with Earth First! co-founder Mike Roselle on Facebook. 10/8
Louisville: No One Expects the Conspiracy: Puppets and State Repression   10/8
Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism Marie Mason: Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism - by Stephen Lendman 10/7
Animal rights 'terror' law challenged Last week, a judge dismissed the first prosecution under the law 10/7
Solidarity with the AETA 4 Solidarity with the AETA 4, National Day of Solidarity with Scott DeMuth, Conspiracy Tour 10/7
AETA Prosecution Thrown Out A federal court judge has thrown out the first ever prosecution under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act 10/7
Cat Among the Radicals Officer has now come forward to give his account of Scotland Yard's most secret unit, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) 10/5
Federal Communication Management Units Isolated in Federal Communication Management Units, Silenced Voices Need Ours 10/5
Animal activists fight for their own rights Some Utah animal advocates fear being put in a legal cage ... 10/5
FBI Bases Iowa ALF Case on Facebook, YouTube, Speech FBI Bases Iowa ALF Case on Facebook, Speaking Event, YouTube 10/04
Government Acknowledges Secretive Prisons Government Acknowledges Secretive Prisons for 'Domestic Terrorists,' Proposes Making Them Permanent 10/04
The Accidental Terrorist Lise Olsen was arrested for her July 4 demonstration and characterized as a "terrorist." 10/04
Inside an ALF Investigation: FBI Documents An inside look at the FBI evidence which led to indictments for a Utah Animal Liberation Front mink release 10/03
Iowa Investigation is a Fraud 8 Reasons the Iowa A.L.F. Investigation is a Fraud 10/03
Appellate Court: Encouraging Civil Disobedience is Not Protected Speech The conviction of the SHAC 7animal rights activists hit with "terrorism" charges for publishing a website and vocally, unapologetically supporting direct action has been upheld by a U.S. appellate court. 10/01
Terrorist Court Case Academic Freedom Issues in 'Terrorist' Court Case 09/12
Agent Provocateurs There are industry-paid plants within the movement that exist solely to discredit activists and further marginalize animal rights. 09/12
AEPA- SHAC Law The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued a split decision in a criminal case against a group of individual animal rights activists and SHAC. 09/12
Two Refuse To Testify Before a Grand Jury Two people who refused to testify before a Davenport federal grand jury -- after they were granted immunity -- are now in custody 09/12
DeMuth Jailed Two political activists from Minneapolis were jailed today for refusing to answer questions before a federal grand jury 09/12
Jordan Halliday convicted with "Targeted Residential Picketing Prohibited" Today after two days of court Jordan Halliday was convicted with count one "Targeted Residential Picketing Prohibited" (which is a 'class b misdemeanor') by a jury of four peers. 09/12
Lee Hall, Unplugged and Unmasked Hall, notorious defender of state oppression of animal activists and author of the ridiculous 'Capers in the Churchyard 09/12
War Against Vegetarians This is the first time, however, that the lawful, nonviolent organization has been officially classified as a 'terrorist threat.' 09/12
Carrie Feldman Won't Testify in 2004 UI Animal Rights Case A Minnesota woman believes she will face jail time for refusing to testify about a 2004 animal rights vandalism case at University of Iowa 09/11
The conviction of the SHAC 7 animal rights activists hit with "terrorism" "terrorism" charges for publishing a website and vocally, unapologetically supporting direct action'has been upheld by a U.S. appellate court. 09/11
ARAs Vs AETA Will Potter, in wrote that six people were convicted under the act. 09/11
Animal Rights Group Sues Morgan Co. An AR group has filed a lawsuit against Morgan County officials, saying a new county ordinance is unconstitutional 09/11
Push to Protect Researchers From Attacks California Legislature have now passed bills designed to give new legal tools to those who find themselves the target of animal rights extremists. 09/10
Terrorism Laws in the US How has the shifting definition of 'terrorism' changed the environmental movement? 09/08
Military Surveillance of Anarchists in Washington State - Anarkismo Wobblies, and members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) has forced into the open a military infiltrator who posed as an anarchist for two years, in clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. 09/08
Activists on Trial for Leafleting Four Northern California ARAs await Federal criminal trial for ghastly crimes including leaving a stack of leaflets in a cafe. 09/07
AETA-Legal Ruling A federal judge in San Jose will weigh arguments over whether AETA is unconstitutional 09/07
ARA Jailed at Secretive Prison Gives First Account Animal Rights Activist Jailed at Secretive Prison Gives First Account of Life Inside "CMU" 09-07
Vivisector Taunts the Animal Liberation Front   Penn. State's David Bienus threatens animal rights activists  09-06
Right Wing Terrorists   30 Crimes the Government Chooses to Not Label Terrorism 09-06
Locke and Unload   Anti-Animal Rights letter and rebuttal 09-05
Police 'fusion' centers criticized for power overreaching   Fusion centers today are being criticized for improper surveillance. An ambiguous mission directive has lead to power overreaching. 09-04
How Corporate Provacateurs Made Fran Trutt an "Animal Rights Terrorist"   The only act of attempted murder in the history of the U.S. animal rights movement was orchestrated by a counter-terrorism firm. 09-03
When Does a Protest Become a Terrorist Threat?   The question is being raised by the federal prosecution of four local animal rights activists. 09-03
New Boss, But the Same FBI   Even though change has come to America, the same federal police state (i.e. the FBI) continues to patrol and control us. 09-03
Ten Easy Ways To Be Labeled a Terrorist Here are 10 ways you can be labeled an eco-terrorist 09-03
FBI Arrests 4 "Terrorists" for "Chalking" The government has finally put AETA to use. 09-02
FBI Arrests ARAS at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz A terrorism task force has arrested four animal-rights protesters suspected of threatening researchers 09-02
ARAs Subpoenaed in Utah ARAs were subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury, presumably investigating the release of minks. 09-02
International Panel of Jurists Decry Loss of Rights Jurists Decry Loss of Rights International Panel Says 'War on Terror' Has Diluted Principles 09-02
Feds Hope to Set an Example With "Eco-terrorist"   Feds Hope to Set an Example With "Eco-terrorist" Who Refused to Snitch: Marie Mason Faces 20 Years 09-02
Head of CCF Called Despicable Man by His Own Son "Now ... I can tell you my gravest secret. Worse than suicide, worse than crack addiction: My father. 09-01
Why the UK SHAC 7 Were Arrested Sentenced for life as long prison terms are handed down to the SHAC 7 09-01
Recap of the SHAC appeal in Philadelphia Recap of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty "Terrorism" Appeal in Philadelphia 09-01
State Repression and ARAS 4 out of 5 activists on trial at Winchester Crown Court were found guilty of 'Conspiracy to Blackmail' 08-12
The CCF is Connected to Terrorists While the CCF absurdly connects the HSUS to terrorism in 6 degrees of separation, CCF is connected to terrorism in only 2 steps 08-12
Who's a Terrorist?   Discussion about whether vivisectionists or ARAs are the terrorists 08-11
UK cops go from pernicious to the ridiculous Police kicked the door down at the house where ARAs were staying who had conducted a legal banner-drop 08-10
The Real EcoTerrorists by Sunil Potnis, with petition 08-10
Guidelines Expand FBI's Surveillance Powers Techniques May Be Used in U.S. Without Any Fact Linking Subject to Terrorism 08-10
State Dept Training   US Government Powerpoint Presentation on Ecoterrorism 08-08
Fascism Emerging in Amerika   Political science lists the 14 signs of Fascism. 08-09
Obstructionists  Identifying and Handling Obstructionists 08-08
Sean Kirtley Sentenced to an Obscene 4.5 Years Sean Kirtley has been sentenced to 4 and a half years in jail for his part in "organising demonstrations". 08-05
UC tries to squash 1st amendment rights UC tries to squash first amendment rights in an effort to keep their animal research secretive. 08-05
FBI Recruiting Spies As person was approached by the local JTTF and offered the possibility of being a paid informant. 08-05
California Introduces bill similar to AETA   An act relating to animals to add Section 2.6 of the Civil code 08-04
Damage From U.S. Extremists a Concern   Report on both left-wing and right-wing extremists 08-02
UW's Eco-Arson Case Against Briana Waters   More details emerge about the trial 08-02
Thinking For Yourself Is Now A Crime The assault on the US Constitution by the Democratic Party is as determined as the assault by the Republicans. 08-01
Briana Waters Accuses FBI of Misconduct   Ms. Waters has accused the U.S. government of "egregious prosecutorial misconduct." 07-12
Stop the Green Scare   Anniversary of Operation Backfire and SHAC 7 arrests 07-12
Disrupting Radical Movements in the U.S. The Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (H.R. 1955), was passed by the House. The Senate is currently considering a companion bill, S. 1959. 07-12
UK Counter Terrorism Unit at Food Outlets THE Counter Terrorism Unit is being called in after animal rights activists targeted South Lakeland food outlets. 07-11
AR Campaigners hit by decryption law ARAs the first Britons to be asked to hand over to the police keys to data encrypted on their computers. 07-11
Confession of an American Thought Criminal   Yes, America, I am a thought criminal. Consider my confession: 07-11
Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand UK terror law change kicks in 07-11
Activist lawyer Brenna Bell spoke against Green Scare Activist lawyer Brenna Bell spoke out against the Green Scare today at Loyola Law School, and informed people about how they can resist it. 07-11
University Presidents Meet With FBI Officials   Penn State University Meets with FBI over Security Issues  07-11
House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill   US House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill  07-11
The Feds' War on the Animal Rights Movement The Casualties of Green Scare 07-10
Silencing Danae Danae Kelley still isn't sure why she spent four days in jail last month. 07-09 watch?v=OaL8I8_iZz8

  video "The Feds' War against the Animal Rights Movement"

07-08    Bush Administration's Green Scare 07-08
Lawyer on the Green Scare    Lawyer discusses the Green Scare 07-07
Government Distortion    LTE regarding the Patriot Act 07-07
Idiot's Guide to CCF Attacks   The so-called Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is at it again 07-06
Can you say "Draconian" boys and girls?   Jail sentences for ecoterrorism "Unneccessary, Excessive, And Chilling To Free Speech" 07-06
Take care with "eco-terrorist" label   Dangers of calling everyone a terrorist 07-05
My Brother the Terrorist   The brother of an "eco-terrorist" speaks about the law 07-05
Battle of the Beagles    More commentary about AETA 07-05
How To Spot A Terrorist   Article explains to the authorities the easiest way to tell if a suspect is a terrorist  07-05
Could you be seen as the terrorist next door?   Charlotte Laws discusses AETA 07-04
Vivisectionists Are Protected   It appears vivisections are among the privileged class 07-03 grandjury.htm Account of one public officials perjury case that was recently concluded without any charges ever being filed against the real targets of the corruption investigation 07-03
CCF vs. PETA   Center for Consumer Freedom withdraws ad condemning PETA 07-02
Are you the terrorist next door?   Charlotte Laws was an ordinary American until November 27, 2006 when she became a terrorist. 07-01
Congress to Send Critics to Jail   For the first time in history, critics of Congress will need to register and report with Congress itself. 07-01
Suing Under AETA   Schumacher's sues under the AETA 07-01
NRA comment on terrorists   Inspiring piece of work from the NRA (3.7 Mb .pdf file) 06-12
Minnesota Repression   Repression by FBI in Minnesota 06-12
The ?Animal Enterprise Protection Act?: New, Improved, and ACLU Approved   by Dr. Steven Best. Welcome to the post-constitutional America, where defense of animal rights and the Earth is a terrorist crime. 06-12
The Move To Label All Civil Disobedience "Terrorism"   An endemic crackdown on peaceful protest and dissent has continued with President Bush signing the 'Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,' 06-12
Judge strikes down Bush on terror groups   A federal judge struck down President Bush's authority to designate groups as terrorists. 06-11
FBI Spying on Quakers   The Pentagon has released documents showing it spied on peace activists, Quakers and Veterans for Peace. 06-11
FBI Vists "Senior" Lady   Woman guilty of protesting against puppy mills. 06-11
Lawyers on AETA   From the National Lawyers Guild Web site. 06-11
AETA Qs/Rumors and Answers   FAQs on the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. 06-11
AETA Commentary   Commentary on the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. 06-11
National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit   National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit, HARBINGERS OF A POLICE STATE. 06-11
A Terrorist Under Every Bush   Everyone's a terrorist. 06-10
The 'starfish model' for the war on terrorism   How to counter a decentralized foe. 06-09
NPS-Thesis-Path-Terrorist-Violence.pdf   Same document in MS Word format: NAVAL 06-09
FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned   Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment 06/09
Feds Appeal Wiretapping Ruling   "There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution." 06/08
Green Is the New Red   The SHAC 7, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and the Future of the Green Scare 06/08
Animal Enterprise Act   Using an obscure law to charge nonviolent activists with terrorism 06/07
Fascists in Swing   FBI plans new Net-tapping push (A move to make current practices legal) 06/07
NAALPO - FBI    NAALPO Press Officer turns down offer from FBI to speak. 06/07
Op Backfire Comment    The National Lawyers Guild condemns the FBI's Operation Backfire "green scare" tactics. 06/06
CCF Supporters    2006 List of CCF Supporters 06/06
Criminalizing Dissent    Criminalizing Dissent, by Michael Donnelly 06/05


   Portrait of an Inquisitor -- Wesley J. Smith, by Lisa G. Leming 06/05

McCarthy Tactics

   Feds Revive McCarthy-era Tactics to Squelch Political Dissent 06/05


   My Adventure Presenting Animal Rights Philosophy to the FBI 06/05

Eco Terr

   Who is a terrorist? FBI, and other definitions 06/05

Op Backfires

   Operation Backfire Backfires on the FBI 06/05

The New Red Scare

   Green Is The New Red, by Will Potter 06/05

AR Watson Arrested

   Case shines light on FBI's efforts to dismantle liberation fronts 04/01

Homeland Security Flier

   DHS Warns Companies Of Evil Terrorist "Flyer Distribution" 06/04

Pentagon's New Spies

   Excerpt from Rolling Stone Magazine Article 06/04

Wave of Repression

   Solidarity is a Weapon: on the Recent Wave of Repression 06/03

NYPD Repression

   NYPD Repression at Animal Rights, Anti-Globalization Protests. Police Memos Say Arrest Tactics Calmed Protest 06/03

NYCLU Seeks Files

   NYCLU Seeks FBI Files on New York Political Groups and Activists 06/03

Green Scare

   Both the Red Scare and the Green Scare fuel and are fueled by a hysterical hatred 06/03

FBI Speaks

   FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and the Communist Party of Texas as "Terrorist Watch" cause groups 06/03
Caring About Animals is Not a Crime  FBI was stealing garbage.  06/02


  Eugene attorney addresses Patriot Act at local event 06/02

FBI Green Scare

  FBI Green scare continues more arrests this week 06/02
Assault on Freedom   Assault on the Foundations of Freedom by Capt. Paul Watson 06/02
Coronado Indicted   Former ALF Warrior Rodney Coronado Indicted for Making Speech 06/02
Somebodys Watching   Somebody's Watching Me: Vancouver Activists Under Surveillance 06/02
ALF Opinion   The ALF: America?s Favorite "Terrorists" by Giselle Tolson 06/02
Agents in my LR   Government Agents in My Living Room, by Robert Cohen 06/02
free speech   Free speech vs. domestic terrorism. Trial. 06/02
FBI again   Feds Spy on Animal Advocates . ACLU Releases Government Photos. 06/02
FBI harassment   This is what FBI harassment looks like 06/01
Witch Hunt Summary   Environmentalist Witch-Hunt Underway. Summary. 06/01
11 Arrests-NYTimes   11 Indicted in Cases of Environmental Sabotage -- New York Times 06/01
FBI Witch Hunt   11 Indicted in Latest Round of FBI Environmental Witch Hunt 06/01
Tim Hitchins   A Message from Tim Hitchins: Statement for Truth 06/01
Patriot Act Cartoon   Patriot Act / Spying Cartoon 06/01
Against PETA   Arguments against PETA dismiss message, attack the messenger 06/01
Crackdown   pdf file. Australia -- Crackdown on Activists in 2006 06/01
POW Tre Arrow   Interview with ELF/ALF POW 06/01
FBI Spying   FBI Patents Domestic Spying 06/01
FBI vs PETA   FBI Papers Show PETA Was Watched As Potential Terrorist Threat 05/12
FBI Terrrorism   FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA; Other Groups Tracked 05/12
ACLU vs FBI   ACLU Says FBI Misuses Terror Powers 05/12
Our Rights   Remember Our Rights By Ingrid Newkirk 05/10
FBI Target   Profiling: How the FBI Tracks Eco-Terror Suspects 05/10

Terrorists: Not

  Animal rights activists shouldn't be labeled as terrorists 05/10
Attack on Green Activists   Stepping Up the Attack on Green Activists 05/09
CCF   The sham that is the Center for Consumer Freedom 05/08
Showtrials   Showtrials and Scarecrows: 'Ecoterrorism' & the War on Dissent, by Steven Best 05/06
SHAC 7   Update on SHAC 7 05/06
FBI_on_Ecoterr or   FBI, ATF address domestic terrorism. Officials: Extremists pose serious threat  
Witch Hunt   Trial by Ordeal: The Modern-Day Witch Hunt by Resist Witch Hunts 05/05
FBI Trash Pickers   Taking out the trash post 9/11 by Leana Stormont 05/05
PA Considers Terrorist Law   Pennsylvania considers outlawing domestic terrorism. It is one of only 13 states that have not criminalized violence by animal and environmental extremists. 05/06
US Senate Refusal   US Senate Committee Refuses Thompson's Request to Speak about Domestic Terrorism 05/05
FBI Press Room   Federal Bureau of Investigation on the Threat of Terrorism to the United States  
All Terrorists   Protest Torture of Animals, Get Arrested as a "Terrorist" by Will Potter  
Most Wanted   Link to Last Chance for Animals Most Wanted  
Counter-terrorism   Congress considers new penalties against pro-environment violence out West.  
Legislation   They're Taking Away Our Freedom by David Ney  
Patriot Act   Neo-McCarthyism, the Patriot Act, and the New Surveillance Culture Part 2 By Dr. Steve Best  
USA Patriot Act   USA Patriot Act: The Broad Brush Debate , by Patricia Goldsmith  
'05 Homeland   Democrats: Homeland Security Omits Threats From Right-Wing Terror Groups , by Lara Jakes Jordan 05/04
EcoTerrorism   Tired of being called a terrorist. Rant by anonymous  

Insurgent Ideas

  Insurgent Ideas: Cops Watch Conference by Pattrice Jones  
Law Prevention   Info to Prevent Law Enforcement from Continuing Abuse Against Animals  
World Problem   Animal rights is a world problem, not just a sportsman?s dilemma by Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster  
Orwellian Trend   Orwellian Trend and Grand Juries  
What A Grand Jury Does   and where they went wrong  
Improper Use of a Grand Jury   The Improper Use of the Federal Grand Jury: An Instrument for the Internment of Political Activists , b y Michael E. Deutsch, Northwestern Law School  
AR Felonies   Letter writing campaigns against animal abusers  
AR Arrests   Animal Rights Arrests , by Will Potter  
SeizeHQofARs   Move to seize HQ of animal activists , by Nicola Woolcock  
PETA claim   PETA rejects claim it funds terror groups  
BC Supreme Court   BC Supreme Court Quashes RCMP Search Warrant  
SHAC Arrests   Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)--have been arrested on two serious charges  
HLS Arrests   Seven HLS Campaign Volunteers Arrested by FBI, Charged with Terrorism by Josh Harper  
stalking HLS   communiqu?from ALF 10/12/04


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