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Vivisector Taunts the Animal Liberation Front

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Vivisector taunts the Animal Liberation Front
Posted by thomaspainescorner on June 20, 2009

By Dave Warwak

I volunteer to use Camille [Marino] for the next experiment!  I will continue to do my job. If you don't like it bring your ass over here and do something about it. But be forewarned, people that I work with take very seriously loonies trying to deprive them of their livelihood and there are a lot of woods around here to hide bodies.
        --David Bienus, Research Support Specialist, Penn State University

Bullies are often all talk except when they are in control of knives, forks, and society's green light to torture animals under the guise of 'animal experimentation.

Case in point: David Bienus--a real life bully cut from the ugliest hateful cloth imaginable--who is paid by Pennsylvania State University to needlessly subject animals to his Erector-set of hellish predicaments and promote strategies to fool otherwise intelligent people into believing his bullshit occupation is an aspiration worthy of kudos from the sick and dying medical community.

Aside from his bogus animal follies, Bienus delivers death threats and taunts anyone (including the Animal Liberation Front) who objects to his sordid games and/or threatens his income (a loss of which would curtail the steady stream of cadavers feeding his always-hungry wretched corpse-hole) derived from torturing defenseless animals.

DAVID BIENUS: "My point is that the animal rights groups don't scare me either. That's your aim after all. That's the whole point of ALF, to scare researchers into quitting. Ultimately it won't work. Terrorism never ultimately works because sooner or later the terrorists are either exterminated or marginalized. In my opinion the animal rights groups have over played their hands and are becoming marginalized. Fewer people are joining their ranks and more people are seeing the lunacy behind their claims. I don't live in California, I'm in PA. You have my name and I'll tell you there are damned few people with the same name so I'm not hard to find. If you don't like what I do for a living, come stop me"

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