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On August 21, 2006, a young, and by all accounts a good man, Peter Woodhams, was shot four times outside his home in East London by a gang member. The 22-year-old father of one, Mr. Woodhams had, for the better part of a year, been subjected to serious threats and bullying by local youths. No one knows why these teens targeted Woodhams -- was he an easy target, did he have words with them previously which the kids took as a dissing, did he cross "their" territory? It seems nobody knows for sure.
Now then, how much would you be willing to bet that if Woodhams had been a vivisectionist working for some major pharmaceutical company or medical research lab and had been only idly threatened by animal rights campaigners, he'd have received round-the-clock police protection? I'd wager my home on it.

People just love to whip themselves up into a frenzy over animal rights extremism, which is often treated more seriously than jihadist terrorism. Tony Blair has consistently given support to animal research, even going so far as to sign an pro-vivisection petition called The People's Petition (which only gathered 13,000 names in a country of nearly 60 million, I feel compelled to add), and the police have been informed to crack down hard on protestors. Market stalls that disseminate animal rights or even animal welfare literature have been closed down in case they encourage extremists. In the recent case over the graverobbing by four animal rights activists, even normally pro-animal welfare papers such as the Daily Mirror editorialized about the "vicious" and "evil" acts of the animal rights protestors.
If an anti-vivisectionist breaks into a lab and secretly records on camera what goes on there, and does nothing more than this, he gets at least five years. If a hoodie breaks into your home, damaging your place and stealing from you, he is given community service. Poor blighter, he probably just had a hard life. There's nothing for him to do, you must understand ... Now hand me that scalpel so I can slice this dog's balls off in order to better understand testicular cancer.

Ah, but money talks, doesn't it? This is the reason why we will always hear of the "evil ways" of the anti-vivisectionists, forgetting of course that only a very small minority of animal rights protestors are extremists or would ever engage in terrorism. This is why all governments, no matter how progressive and ethical they claim to be, will always gladly hop into bed with the pharmaceutical and medical research companies. Vivisection is big business. Forget about the dubious science behind it, forget whether it's morally justifiable or not (which is isn't). All we need to focus on are the profits these companies rake in -- and how they can always depend on the government, any government, to allow them to carry on profiting off the suffering of "lesser" creatures.

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