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Tell Congresspersons to vote NO on the Patriot Act

Tell your Congressperson to vote NO to the PATRIOT Act before tomorrow's vote! The PATRIOT reauthorization bill being fast-tracked to the House floor contains NO reforms, and will be voted upon with NO debate and NO opportunity for amendments to add oversight and accountability. Help stop this sneak attack on your civil liberties.

Tell your Representative to vote "NO" on H.R. 514, the PATRIOT extension bill.
Last year, many important PATRIOT reform measures were proposed, and a bill filled with powerful new checks and balances was reported favorably out of the House Judiciary Committee. But, as it ran up against the deadline, Congress decided there was not enough time to fully consider those reforms. So, last year, Congress extended the "sunsetting" sections of the law until the end of this February, with a promise to fully consider the issues before the next deadline.

But now, in a legislative sneak attack, the new Republican leadership in the House is trying to duck Congress' promise to consider PATRIOT reform, and is instead pushing your Representative to rubber-stamp another PATRIOT renewal. The House leaders have just announced that they'll be "suspending the rules" so that a bill introduced by Rep. Sensenbrenner to extend the expiring provisions until December 8, 2011 will go to the House floor for a vote on Tuesday, without any debate and without any opportunity for anyone to offer amendments to improve the bill.

The expiring PATRIOT Act provisions should not be renewed, and certainly not without any debate or any new checks and balances to prevent abuse and protect civil liberties. Luckily, in order for the PATRIOT renewal bill to pass on Tuesday, it has to receive a yes vote from a full two-thirds of the House's members. So a message from you, today, could make the critical difference. Contact your Representative today to make clear that you oppose H.R. 514, the PATRIOT extension bill!

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PATRIOT ACT -- gives the government power to conduct searches and seizures WITHOUT showing a crime has been contemplated or committed. The federal government avoids the probable cause requirement of the Fourth Amendment by merely alleging that  part of the reason for the search and seizure is related to foreign intelligence gathering. However, there doesn’t have to be ANY suspicious activity. This is unlike the Fourth Amendment's searches and seizures, where the affidavits and resulting warrants must be specific to the information being sought and seized.

FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] Enacted July 10, 2008

Allows for virtually continuous surveillance, which by its nature does not have any specifically predetermined targets. Gives the government unprecedented, unchecked power to intercept Americans' international and [by abuse] domestic e-mails and phone calls. Recent reports have indicated that the National Security Agency has exceeded and abused the already overly broad powers granted to it under FISA.

It violates the 4TH AMENDMENT:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

A continuation of the Patriot Act, FISA'S unbridled surveillance of U.S. citizens, gives the govt the right to retain information obtained in its searches WITHOUT notifying the target of the search. Under the now defunct 4th Amendment, the target of a search would not only know there has been a search but have been officially served with a warrant for it, and could challenge the validity of the warrant and the underlying affidavits in court. No such judicial challenge is available under FISA.

Unless there is a criminal prosecution under FISA, the target may never know that the government has been watching them, tapping their phones, following them to work, or copying documents, emails and other records they thought were private.

PROTECT AMERICA ACT -- Enacted on August 5, 2007
amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

Allows for massive, untargeted surveillance and collection of international communications without court order or meaningful oversight by Congress. [ Surveillance includes domestic and international phone calls, emails, snail mail and library books.]

VIOLENT RADICALIZATION & HOMEGROWN TERRORISM PREVENTION ACT -- Enacted 2007-- Also Known as the "Thought Crime" Prevention Bill

"Homegrown" terrorism is defined to include “intimidation” of the United States government or any segment of its population—including investigating groups advocating boycotts, general strikes, or other forms of non-violent, "legal" protest. This law criminalizes 'thought'.

People can be arrested BEFORE a crime is committed based on their social, political and religious associations, as well as their internet activity, and books they buy or check out from the library. "Terrorist" profiles are compiled based on info gathered from multiple sources of surveillance.


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