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More State Repression

More State Repression
December 24, 2006

The FBI makes yet another visit to a local activist this week of 12/18/06.

On the morning of Monday December 18th two agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) paid a visit to my home in south Minneapolis. I can only recall one of the officer's names, Erik Swanson, from the U of M police department, the other was a female agent with the FBI. The interaction we had was brief. They wanted to question me but I told them that I would like to speak with my lawyer before I answered anything.

The agents claimed to be investigating the circumstances surrounding William Rogers' death. Basically, they wished to ascertain if foul play was involved. If you don't already know, William Rogers supposedly committed suicide in his jail cell after being indicted on grand jury charges for his alleged involvement in several different arsons committed by the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) one of which was the Vail, Colorado fire in 1998.

I have since contacted lawyers from the Civil Liberties Defence Center (CLDC) and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). Together we concluded that the reason the JTTF gave me for their visit was false. One of the lawyers from the CLDC is in contact with the family of William Rogers and has heard of no such investigation. I have no knowledge of their true intentions, however, I do know that the best thing anyone could do in this situation is to say NOTHING and contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Also, if visited by the FBI, or any other form of law enforcement, you should let as many people know as fast as you can. Keeping people informed about this type of state repression will help us be better prepared and not caught off guard when it happens again (because it will). They want us to be scared and divided, they want us to question our right to dissent, but there is no question it is our right, and by keeping each other informed about our rights and what's happening we show them that we are not scared and we will not be quiet.

A lawyer to contact locally is Jordon Kushner from the NLG at kushn002 (at) and if necessary you can call his office 612-205-5500

A lawyer to contact nationally for information about green scare matters is Lauren Regan, Attorney at Law, Executive Director for the CLDC
lregan (at)

My name is Alex Lundberg I have lived in south Minneapolis most of my life and have been an activist for a big chunk of it.


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