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Activists Await Trial for Leafleting

July 2009

[Bay Area Indymedia]

Today four Northern California animal rights activists await Federal criminal trial for ghastly crimes including leaving a stack of leaflets in a cafe, chalking slogans on pavement, and chanting. Oh, and using the internet to locate the individuals they were protesting.

Yes, the world's only superpower can't be bothered to defend us against banksters' usury or death from want of health care, but when it comes to leaflets in cafes, chalked slogans, and Google searches, they're here for us. To shut us up.

Each proscribed and terrifying act of handing out leaflets, chanting, chalking, or � gasp � Googling is now a Federal crime, punishable by up to five years in Federal prison. How did the Homeland's security police make speech a crime? They used AETA, the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act: the law that makes America's civil rights movement a Federal crime.

Who wrote AETA and bribed pushed it through Congress? ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council: the megacorps' mega-lobby group that includes Pharma and the drive-through diabetes junk food industry. Why do Homeland Security and ALEC want to defy our Constitution and destroy our civil rights?


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