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Activist lawyer Brenna Bell spoke against Green Scare

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New Orleans, October 29 - Activist lawyer Brenna Bell spoke out against the Green Scare today at Loyola Law School, and informed people about how they can resist it.

The Green Scare is a term used to describe a repressive campaign currently being carried out by the federal government against environmental activists.

Bell said the Green Scare is also called that because "of its resonance with the Red Scare" of the McCarthyite 1950s. Then the Communists were the bogeymen, today it's the Terrorists. Or, more specifically, Eco-Terrorists. Brenna Bell said that term originated with the Wise Use movement, a right wing attempt to criminalize environmental successes.

Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez gave the green light to the Green Scare by devoting an entire press conference to "Eco-terrorism" several years ago, Bell reported. Around that same time the FBI announced that the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) was the #1 domestic terrorism threat. In late 2005 the G-men (FBI) began "Operation Backfire." It's purpose: to seek out and destroy environmental direct action groups, especially the ELF and ALF (Animal Liberation Front).

Bell reported that these groups had previously carried out a number of successful actions involving saboutage, arson and property damage. These included the burning of an under-construction ski resort in an old growth forest in Colorado; the destruction of SUVs in Oregon; the release of 2000 minks from a 'mink farm' in that state; and the freeing of wild horses slated to be ground up into horse meat.
"Green Scare is a smokescreen to divert people's attention from real terrorist actions," Bell said. "Our planet is in serious trouble. The real Eco-Terroists are those people who pollute our air and water for short term profits. The environmental activists were motivated by a desire to stop environmental degradation."

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