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Sean Kirtley Sentenced to an Obscene 4.5 Years

News has come in that Sean Kirtley, one of the defendants in the recent SOCPA/ Sequani trial has been sentenced to 4 and a half years in jail for his part in "organising demonstrations".

Please put this into context with sentences handed down for offences such as accessing child pornography, sexual assaults and other violent crimes which rarely see a sentence of over 3 years and very often result in suspended sentences.

Please contact Sean's support network to offer your messages of solidarity.

Sean Kirtley (WC6977), HMP Birmingham Prison, Winson Green Road, Birmingham B18 4AS

1World Scotland are currently discussing with other organisations how best to publicise and fight this assault on all our freedoms which will affect protest and campaigning everywhere. We would appeal to everybody to get involved in any way they can be it letter writing, visiting your local Parliamentary Representative, etc.

For more information get in touch, visit our Myspace blog for regular updates.

John Patrick

1World Scotland

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