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CP - Ben Rosenfeld - " ...Both the Red Scare and the Green Scare fuel and are fueled by a hysterical hatred for a broad political philosophy � Communism, and now Anarchism � caricatured as a tangible threat casting its shadow over the land. Thus, anarchists � a diverse group of people across all walks of life who generally agree that most government structures are repressive, that people shouldn't be greedy,  and that we should help one another, but who are probably more likely to disagree on the specifics of history, social organization, or political strategy than any two people who identify as Christian, Muslim, Republican, or Democrat � are reductively drawn as  bomb-throwing lunatics." - MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, who has lobbed many books at the public, is an anarchist. George Orwell was one too.

The federal government has been salivating to put Rod Coronado back in prison since he got out in 1999, later refusing to repent for his role in a 1992 arson at a Michigan State University fur research lab. Federal officials have publicly branded Coronado a leader of the Animal Liberation Front, even though the ALF is apparently non-hierarchical. He is, however, an unabashed advocate of property destruction in defense of animals, and his indictment in San Diego in February, for giving a speech in which he explained how the incendiary devices used in the Michigan arson were made, is a flimsy pretext to punish him for his radical views.
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