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FBI visits "senior" lady

A 'senior' lady, who is petite in size and recovering from a broken hip and therefore walks with the help of a crutch, answered her door at 6:45 pm, to face THREE armed FBI Agents who showed their ID. They wanted to talk to her about "animal rights issues, and groups". Of course, knowing her rights, she told them she had nothing to tell them and promptly closed the door.

Apparently, the so-called authorities are taking this act seriously, so this is a heads up for anyone involved in animal advocacy issues. All this woman has ever done was picket at puppymill stores, and have people sign petitions, she was never arrested and did everything within the law. She is an investigator for I-SPEAK and checks abuse complaints. We are so appalled that of ALL the people out there, she was singled out!!!! Doesn't the FBI have better things to do with its time than this? No wonder they can't catch the "real terrorists".

Just want you all to know your rights: if they do not have a warrant, you need only politely tell them you have nothing to talk with them about, and close the door. YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATIONS AT ALL TO SPEAK WITH ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR THE FBI if they do not have a warrant. They may try to get around you by asking subtle or seemingly benign questions - do not fall into this trap. Just be polite and firm. Yea, I'm saving little furry things so I'm now a terrorist....jeez. Please make sure that this gets onto AR news and pass it around! You never know who will be Joe McCarthy is laughing himself silly in his grave over this one......

We have put her in touch with one of our attorneys. If you need assistance please feel free to contact us. We can also be contacted at 516 383-5620.

Oh, and FBI'ers, if you are reading this too, please don't knock our doors - the dogs will NEVER let us get near the door to even tell you to go away!

 :-)) Call first and let me know you're on your way!! Whata world....

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