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FBI Still Hunting for Rebecca J. Rubin

Thirteen years after allegedly committing radical acts of ecoterrorism, the FBI is still on the hunt for Rebecca J. Rubin.

The North Vancouver woman was placed on the bureau’s wanted list after a federal grand jury indicted her on multiple charges related to her alleged role in a domestic terrorism cell.
The bureau believes Rubin is a member of a radical environmentalist group called either the Earth Liberation Front or the Animal Liberation Front.

The group has been blamed for a string of arson and vandalism attacks dating back to 1996 in Oregon, California, Wyoming, Washington and at a Colorado ski resort where members allegedly caused millions in damage.

“We believe she is in Canada,” Steele said.

The FBI stated Rubin is thought to have returned to Canada five years ago. In 2008, RCMP told media there was some indication Rubin may have been in the Nelson, B.C. area.

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