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I'm sick of being called a terrorist. Post 9//11 jingoists have played a terrible prank on the citizens of the united states. Not only have they believed everything uttered on the major news networks but they have openly supported the nonsense that was fed to them. Anyone who acts in defiance against tyranny (unless you are in the military) is unilateraly a terrorist.

George W. Bush told us to seek and destroy all terrorists, but terrorism is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Logically, I could consider a kid who ties a dog to a tree and beats him to get 'em "toughened up" a terrorist, because he is terrorizing another sentient being for his own reasons. Am I to murder this young lad because George W wants me to kill all terrorists? Of course not. But I wouldn't mind cuttin' the rope so the dog can run away freely. I'm sick of the mainstream liberal left condemning our pure acts of liberation, and our desire to seek justice and to restore life. The unlaughable joke known as the conservative-right is of no value to our community either, the arrogantly and simplisticly view all of our noble and honorable activities in an entirely political perspective. They forget that we fight for life.

I am sick of the U.S in general. With their waving of flags, and closing of their eyes, and spouting pretentious drivel about freedom, I am disgusted more than ever to think of such a nation. How could these fools allow themselves to brag so fiercly about freedom and then blatantly deny it, and obstruct it from existing? Are we to believe that this redscare mentality is the apex of freedom? American society//Government do nothing but make a mockery of freedom.

Some comrades of mine were interrogated by the FBI, they hosted a simple vegan picnic and the fbi reacted as if it had been a secret compound of terrorists. I hope they were quite embarrassed to learn that their dangerous terrorist were a bunch of punk rockers in drag eating vegan food and playing music. Obviously the "elite" does not want the public to discover what we truly are. A few of my comrades were arrested in D.C a few weeks ago for defending themselves against nazis at a preplanned nazi ralley. 27 anarchists were arrested, 0 nazis were arrested. The news delivered the message that "Two rival nazi street gangs clashed today in D.C upon which 27 neo-nazis were arrested and charged with assualt, and inciting a riot"

God Bless Reason

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