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Updated June 1, 2006

Mike Hyde from Cambridge Ontario e-mailed all of the below companies. None actually admitted to supporting the CCF, they just did not reply. He put in the message that if they do not reply the answer will be assumed yes.

If any of then contact Mike saying they have stopped giving CCF money, he will e-mail us immediately and ask they will be taken off the list.

These are the companies that gave CCF money in 2002 and did not reply to Mike's e-mail.

Outback Steak House
China Mist
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants
Brinker International
Excel Fresh Meats
HMS Host Corporation
John Soules Food
Kens Food inc.
Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative
Not Your Average Joes
Perdue Farms
Simmons Foods inc.
Tyson Foods inc.

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