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The Sham That is the Center for Consumer Freedom

PeTA has been at the centre of a slanderous campaign by The Center for Consumer Freedom, known for their extreme tactics in trying to silence amongst others, the group MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving.) Behind such campaigns as PeTA Kills animals, The Center for Consumer freedom is run by influence peddler Richard Berman, a lobbyist and spin doctor who arranges for large sums of corporate money to find its way into nonprofit societies of which he is the executive director.

Berman has cleverly worked out a scheme to funnel charitable donations from wealthy corporations into his own pocket. In exchange, he provides a flurry of disinformation, flawed studies, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, and trade-industry articles.

Using "freedom of choice" as his battle cry, Berman has now taken on PeTA and a number of other groups and organizations whose points of view could have an impact on the profits of his clients by waking consumers up.

Berman´┐Żs clients are companies with vested interests in low employee wages; cheap, unhealthy restaurant-chain food, particularly meat; and tobacco, soft drink, and alcohol consumption.

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