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America is Under Attack

-From Bush
-From Obama
-From the FBI

Once they told us to be afraid of Indians, Blacks, Communists, then it was "criminals," then it was Big Bees, Mexicans, now it's "terrorists" and Muslims.
Don't you believe it, for one minute.

It's the CIA, the FBI, the filthy rich -- and that's the truth.

... The real patriots in this country are those fighting the FBI, those fighting
to deliver the truth about 9/11, those fighting to stop the construction of a new nuclear weapons factory in Kansas City.

Justice For 911

Dick Gregory

Mobilizing Against FBI Raids

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... from Mike Palecek

... or Love and Bigfoot in the Time of Swine Flu
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art by Brian Barber, of Duluth

Howard Zinn:
"Mike Palecek writes with passion, wit, and always with a strong social conscience."

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THE Final Editorial Comment:

Why do we spend any money on the CIA or the military?
We spend billions on crap when we could be buying schools,
health care, safe energy, etc. etc.
We could have anything we want -- candy for supper,
light rail, new sidewalks in Sandusky, an actual journey to the moon perhaps.
But Nooooo!!!!

These folks care - get to know them.
National War Tax Resistance Committee
National War Tax Resistance Committee

Can we handle the truth?
*Lila Anwar

*Minnesota 9/11 Truth

Oh, and this

*Bush & Cheney
and Rove & Rumsfeld
did 9/11.

It wasn't Osama.

Osama & al Queda & Fox News are all CIA concoctions.

They do all this to control us, the U.S. people, because we are very powerful,
but mostly we do nothing except eat Ho-Ho's because we can also be very stupid.
Very, very stupid.

Barack Obama knows all this and yet does nothing.

Why? Is he afraid? Is he CIA?
His first job was with the CIA, btw.

Why did we not get a chance to decide b.t. Clinton, Obama, Kucinich and McKinney?
Why was the choice only Clinton & Obama?
Somebody else decided that.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't us.

Just like it wasn't us who elected Bush. Twice.
Just like it wasn't us who decided to invade Iraq.

If you think this is your country.
You are an ... optimist.

There's a lot going on and a lot of it is iffy.
There's also plays and ballgames and movies
and kids needing new backpacks and crayons.
Ruth and I have just moved up to Duluth from Iowa,
and it's an amazing place.
So much to do and see.
There's a seagull!!!
There's a candy wrapper!

But we are still slaughtering people in Iraq and Afghanistan
in order to make money for rich folks.
And who knows what else we are doing in Colombia
and the rest of South America and the rest of the world?
Really? Who knows?
We are not allowed to know.
We are forbidden.

We pay taxes for these criminal enterprises to operate: The CIA, The U.S. Marines,
The National Guard, The U.S. Army, Offutt Air Force Base
-- and yet we are not allowed to know what is really going on.
And we allow that to happen.
Because at the end of the day ... we don't really give a shit.
Really. Do you give a shit about any of this?
Really? No you don't. I know because I know you.
I was born here and grew up with you and played ball with you
and had a crush on your sister for forty ... one years
and stole cherry popsicles from Braasch's neighborhood grocery store with you,
and I know me and I know you.
So Just F It.
How 'bout let's go down and have a pint
and talk about the Vikings.
Forget it.
C'mon, let's go.

But we are still the most powerful "unit" in the world.
The most stupid as well, at times: 8 a.m., 10 a.m. 2:30 p.m., 7:27 p.m.

But, who knows?
Something good could still happen.

Or not.

In the meantime, I guess I'll keep writing & flipping National Guard trucks the bird and trying to figure
out how to not pay for the CIA come next April and to ... I'm not sure what else ...
I'm going to walk in the woods right now. Jay Cooke State Park. It's waaaay cool.


*The CIA murdered John Kennedy, Martin King, Robert Kennedy and Paul Wellstone
*Why does any of this matter?
*It matters so much that I don't even know how to tell you why it matters.
I'm pulling out my hair and yours in my mind trying not to pull out both our hairs because it matters that much.
*Do you like having faux history in your squeaky clean children's brand-new crackling, shiny history books,
just delivered to your district and still smelling of ink and goodness and stuff?

aw, fuck it, let's go bowling

... But, wait a minute, maybe bowling should wait?

FBI searches target Minnesota anti-war activists
14 arrested at new Kansas City nuclear bomb plant
Iowa activists drew extensive FBI scrutiny
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